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Voice AMA with SyPool recap

Voice AMA with SyPool AMA with SyPoolSypool is an asset management protocol on Solana, where investors exchange their fund shares with their tokens (i.e. BTC, ETH, SOL…). Like traditional funds, investors are offered professional financial services, while fund managers have a platform to raise money (tokens). However, their fund managers not only have traditional ways[Read more…]

GameSol AMA recap hosts an AMA with GameSol. #GameSol #Solana #SolanaDaily #AMA Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful greenish day! And welcome back to another AMA with SolanaDaily I’m you host Daley and today, I’m joined by JT – CEO at GameSol. Good day to you Jayesh! How’s everything? Jayesh Trivedi: Good day to[Read more…]

Solily Protocol AMA recap hosts an AMA with Solily Protocol. #SolilyProtocol #Solana #SolanaDaily #AMA Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day, welcome back to another AMA with SolanaDaily. I’m Daley, your host for today and together with Solily Protocol is Mr. Nas – CEO 0xNas: Hello guys! Cryptodaily Admin: Good day to you,[Read more…]

Viral Inu AMA Recap hosts AMA with Viral Inu. #ViralInu #SolanaDaily #Solana #AMA Cryptodaily Admin: Hey hey everyone  Welcome back to another AMA with Solana_Daily! I have here with me Mr. CryptoB from the Viral Inu project! Good day to you CryptoB, how are things? CryptoB: Hey, things are going well thanks for asking! Happy to be able to be here and be able[Read more…]

Viraverse AMA Recap hosts AMA with Viraverse. #Viraverse #SolanaDaily #Solana #AMA Cryptodaily Admin: I have here with me Mr.theCryptoB from the Viraverse project! Good day and welcome Mr.theCryptoB to the community! Are you doing well? CryptoB: Hello everyone! Happy to be able to be here! Cryptodaily Admin: Are you all set to start the AMA? Cause I don’t think the people can wait[Read more…]

DarleyGo AMA Recap

Solanda_Daily hosts DarleyGo: #DarleyGo #SolanaDaily #Solana Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome to the solana_daily community. How are you doing? Alvin: Hello, This is Alvin from DarleyGo. Solanda_Daily Admin: Hi Alvin, are you doing well? Alvin: I’m doing well! Super excited to be here! Solanda_Daily Admin: Lovely! Q1: Please introduce us to the DarleyGo project! Alvin: Yes. DarleyGo is a mythical-based NFT horse racing game built on Solana that allows[Read more…]

DeadKnight AMA Recap

Solanda_Daily hosts DeadKnight: #DeadKnight #Solanadaily #Solana Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome to the community. I hope you’re doing well Savana Deville: Hello everyone. I’m so glad to be at the AMA today with Solana Daily. How are you today, guys? Solanda_Daily Admin: I think we are all pumped!!! Today’s topic of discussion is DeadKnight! A wonderful 8-bit RPG game. Savana Deville: Everyone please join[Read more…]

Atlas DEX AMA Recap

Solanda_Daily hosts Atlas DEX: #Atlas #DEX #SolanaDaily #Solana Solanda_Daily Admin: Today we welcome Patrick to our community! Hello, how are you feeling today? Patrick: Hey! Thanks for having me. Looking forward to the conversation! Solanda_Daily Admin: We all are! Our topic for discussion for today is about a DeFi DEX project called Atlas! And Patrick will help us get to know more about[Read more…]

Metaverse Mining Alliance AMA Recap

Solanda_Daily hosts Metaverse Mining Alliance: #MMA #MetaverseMiningAlliance #Metaverse #SolanaDaily #Solana Solanda_Daily Admin: Good day to you MMA Casper! Are you feeling good? MMA Casper: Great thanks! Busy but exciting time for us, as you can imagine! Solanda_Daily Admin: Thanks for being here despite the workload! We always appreciate a project that takes time to reach out to the community! Shall we begin the[Read more…]