Metaverse Mining Alliance AMA Recap

Solanda_Daily hosts Metaverse Mining Alliance: #MMA #MetaverseMiningAlliance #Metaverse #SolanaDaily #Solana

Solanda_Daily Admin: Good day to you MMA Casper! Are you feeling good?

MMA Casper: Great thanks! Busy but exciting time for us, as you can imagine!

Solanda_Daily Admin: Thanks for being here despite the workload! We always appreciate a project that takes time to reach out to the community!

Shall we begin the AMA? MMA Casper.

MMA Casper: Let’s do it!

Q1: What is Metaverse Mining Alliance all about? Give us a little summary and why did you and your team decide to build this project?

MMA Casper: So, MMA Gaming is a large-scale gaming operation, or guild. Our core revenue stream comes from providing a global base of players with the knowledge, skills, and in-game assets necessary to effectively play and earn across different metaverse worlds or games.

Our players receive a highly equitable share of earnings, as attested to by our positive player testimonials.

We started in Axie Infinity around 1 year ago and things have just grown and grown and we now have an entire team and operation, expanding in terms of game coverage and team size.

All this info by the way is available on our whitepaper – which you can find here:

We want to take advantage of this quickly emerging sector called ‘the metaverse’. Big tech companies are also starting to realise this and moving in the same direction.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Cool! So it’s a guild where players can join and learn and earn together

MMA Casper: Yes, but also it’s an opportunity for people to get access to the returns and yield of the business without needing to play at all.

We play – you earn.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Oh nice. People can invest in the Guild and have other players use the funds to earn

MMA Casper: That’s right.

We’re having our IDO on 13th Jan, and we really believe it’s an amazing opportunity.

People can join the discord to find out more:

Q2: Please introduce us a little bit about the MMA’s team. We would love to know more about the brilliant minds behind this project.

MMA Casper: Our team is made up of three core pillars: Gaming Operation, Treasury Operations and Research Team. We have a small dev team too which looks at chain analytics and operational workflows.

The guys on the treasury team come from decades of experience in financial markets as well as strong presence in the DeFi community.

On the gaming side, the team has been managing a team of now 1000+ scholars and have that down to a science.

To find out more about the team, around half of whom are fully doxxed, you can check out the ‘Team’ page of the whitepaper.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Fantastic. More than 1,000 scholars now, and the number is increasing along with the project.


Q3: Could you tell us more about your upcoming IDO?

MMA Casper: So actually the 13th of Jan is our early community presale.

There will be very limited availability.

We will then have the main IDO around 3-4weeks after.

We have a marketing campaign to get maximum eyes on this amazing project between presale and mainsail.

There are several incentives to get involved in the presale, so would definitely recommend joining the discord where those details are available.

But basically we want to reward our early community while simultaneously using the group to help us with our vision!

Solanda_Daily Admin: So it’s coming up in 10 days.

The Team must be really excited for this event.

Alright remember people: Jan 13th is the presale!!!!

MMA Casper: Correct. Like I said, it’s very limited and the marketing we are doing is limited too. We want to have a community connected to the project, who do well if we do. Presale serves this purpose well.

Q4: Please introduce us to the scholars. How can players join MMA as a scholar? Are there any requirements?

MMA Casper: We are always recruited keen gamers to join the team, whether you are experienced elite gamer or just want to play and earn on the side, we have the full range of opportunities,

Our gaming team will take you through the coaching required and get you set up with everything you need, following a short screening process.

We have an application form on our whitepaper site, so anyone interested can use this.

Solanda_Daily Admin: I appreciate that, gamers with or without experience are welcome to join MMA

The opportunity to earn is a lot with MMA, follow their whitepaper for more detail people!

Q5: How is Metaverse Mining Alliance different from other “large-scale gaming operations” or “guild”? Are there any special incentives that attract players to join MMA?

MMA Casper: One of our key differentiating factors is our model.

For us our treasury team is critical to the operation. That doesn’t just mean managing our cash reserves, but it means fully integrated with the gaming team and research.

This allows to profit not only from the ‘pure’ play2 earn opportunity but also by using information from the gamers to do profitable things, like arbitraging secondary markets, or taking advantage of currency oversupply scenarios before they actually occur.

The treasury is also critical for us to take volatility out of our revenue streams. This is our secret sauce really.

Onchain analysis from the dev team is also a key ingredient in all this. The chain can actually tell you what is happening inside the game in some cases… so really important information.

Solanda_Daily Admin: So the revenue is coming from different earning streams, and a team of professionals is behind this to research this

Q6: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?

MMA Casper: Our roadmap is ambitious, but mainly after our capital raise we will be increasing our asset base, scholar network and core team.

Doing this is going to really allow us to attack all the opportunities in space and really be in the best position possible as things take-off and the space grows through 2022 and onwards.

The full details of the roadmaps are in the whitepaper:

Obviously this will be subject to change depending on what happens in the sector and other things, but this is the direction we are going

Solanda_Daily Admin: Fantastic. So I suppose 2022 is going to be a big year for MMA

MMA Casper: Big? No. MASSIVE

Solanda_Daily Admin: Apparently! more than 5000 scholars and 50,000 active players. For our last question:

Q7: Where can we find out more about Metaverse Mining Alliance?

MMA Casper: Yes and actually we have an announcement coming soon about that and our scholar network. Make sure to join the discord and follow our Twitter to catch that news:

So main places are Twitter discord and white paper. Website is coming soon in the next few days.




Solanda_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Metaverse Mining Alliance 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

MMA Casper: Nope that’s it – from anyone interested please follow our social and join the discord.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Thank you for being here with the community! Have a great new year and best of luck to Metaverse Mining Alliance!

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