DarleyGo AMA Recap

Solanda_Daily hosts DarleyGo: #DarleyGo #SolanaDaily #Solana

Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome to the solana_daily community. How are you doing?

Alvin: Hello, This is Alvin from DarleyGo.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Hi Alvin, are you doing well?

Alvin: I’m doing well! Super excited to be here!

Solanda_Daily Admin: Lovely!

Q1: Please introduce us to the DarleyGo project!

Alvin: Yes. DarleyGo is a mythical-based NFT horse racing game built on Solana that allows players to purchase, train, race, breed, and collect NFT horses.

Solanda_Daily Admin: A horse racing game you say. So players buy their horses, train them and compete with other players? How many players can we compete in 1 match?

Alvin: Yes, we are a Horse Racing Game  Up to 12 horses each match(race).

Solanda_Daily Admin: Interesting, so I guess we’ll just participate in the match and let the horses race by itself right?

Alvin: Correct. And the players are also trainers of their horses too. As we have a training mode for players to train up their horses’ skillset and overall ability.

Q2: So what motivated you to start this project?

Alvin: So…I grew up watching a lot of horse racing events and have always been a BIG fan of it. Before kick-starting DarleyGo, I had worked in the Horse Racing industry for many years, mainly trading live racehorses around the world.

I’ve always loved playing horse racing video games myself and wanted to solve the main problem of all of them, which is monetization. After seeing the maturity of blockchain technology and NFT adoption, I gathered up two of my old friends, who is our CTO and creative director, and decided to transform our idea into reality.

Q3: Why did you choose Solana among many Layer 1 chains?

Alvin: So first of all, when it comes to coming, speed is one of the most important factors that we consider.

Second of all, the overall quality of its ecosystem. We value if its ecosystem would be able to support (from all perspective) what we are trying to build

Combine two points I mentioned above, we think Solana fits our value, project, and goals the most.

Q4: Alright, so please tell us if there are any special differences and strengths of DarleyGo compared to other projects.

Alvin: When designing the game, we are more coming from the real world horse racing perspective.

For example, Breeding part is one of the most important parts of the whole game. Instead of letting generation type to decide horses’ overall quality, we’ve decided a whole brand new system and implementing “mutation probability” factor to help boosting up the chance of breeding a champion horses (just like the real world, which has been working for hundreds of years).

Other than that, we want to let the players to interact with their horses more, and able to explore their horses’ capability (for ex, distance, running style, characters…etc), therefore, we have a training mode to enable players to do all mentioned above.

Solanda_Daily Admin: So what you’re saying is even the worst breeds can reproduce a champion horse that has great value?

Alvin: So I’d say, to be successful in the breeding industry requires a massive study of your horses’ pedigree and ability, just as how it is in the real world of actual horse racing games.

Apart from generation types, pedigree and ability badges also play a big part in our breeding design.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Well a lot of thought has been invested in this feature, this makes sure that players have to learn the game and also invest their time also. This is no click-to-earn game.

Alvin: not at all. It’s a game that you really have to study, plan, and put efforts into it.

Q5: Can you disclose the partners (funds, projects, foundations, etc.) that are currently partnering with DarleyGo? Also, please let me know if there are any additional partnerships planned in the future.

Alvin: We’ve been very honoured to be able to partner up with many amazing partners such as Jump Capital, our lead investor of Seed, GBV, Waterdrip, GuildFi, Paribus, GBIC, Solar Eco Fund, Athena Ventures, SOL Big Brain, FTS, Ellipti, Panony, and many more coming up in the future.

Q6: Can you explain the utility of DarleyGo NFT and $GXE and $DGE tokens, and introduce the token issuance related information (talknomics, issuance schedule, etc.)?

Alvin: Yes. we are adopting a Dual Token model for DarleyGo: $GXE and $DGE.

$GXE will be mainly used as in-game soft currency for transactions liek race entry fee, prize pool and mission rewards, and breeding.

$DGE is DarleyGo’s governance token, which will be used for breeding, special race events rewards, staking, voting, in-house marketplace, and many exclusive access to game features.

Q7: What about the DarleyGo NFT? How can I purchase DarleyGo NFT? Can you reveal more details?

Alvin: We are expecting to drop 3800 genesis horses for our first NFT sale in about 2 weeks. We are still finalizing some details on our end, making sure to do it as the way our community wants it to be. For more details, please stay tuned with us by joining our Discord/Twitter.

Q8: Please tell us about the vision and mid to long-term roadmap of the DarleyGo project.

Alvin: We aim to become the industry leader in this new era of gaming! We will raise the standard by building an immersive and exciting platform where video games can change the gamers’ behavior from the traditional way.

I also believe that we are not just building a simple horse racing game here,  but we envision an Equine Metaverse that allows players to interact with their own virtual horses, equip them with unique properties, and intermingle with other players.


Solanda_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with DarleyGo Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Alvin: 1) Thank you Solana Daily for hosting this amazing event.

2) Thank you so much to everyone who joined us today! You guys are awesome!

3) Our NFT sale is in 2 weeks, please join our media for more details. It’s gonna be on one of the hottest marketplace, TBA 

Solanda_Daily Admin: Thank you and DarleyGo for being here with us! This is a great AMA. We wish you the best!

Alvin: Thank you, It’s been my pleasure.

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