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Cryptodaily Admin: It’s a pleasure having you here with us today also! And the same goes to everyone who’s joining today’s AMA with Pokersols or Solana Lamports Poker! I’m your host Daley and Volodymyr Fedorov will be joining us as the AMA HERO! Are you feeling good Volodymyr Fedorov?

Volodymyr Fedorov: Yes, nice, thank you for asking

Cryptodaily Admin: Do you have anything to say first to the community before we start the AMA? T

Volodymyr Fedorov: To be clear i have 3 doses of Pfizer, so everything should be good

Cryptodaily Admin: You just got the third one today? 

Volodymyr Fedorov: No no, it was a few day ago

Cryptodaily Admin: Well then, you’re all good! Covid should be afraid of you If you’re all set, let’s get started with the AMA shall we?

Volodymyr Fedorov: I am ready, can we start?

Cryptodaily Admin: Of course! Let’s get it started with our first question for Pokersols!

Q1. Who are the creators of Pokersols? Have you had any experience with blockchain and games before?

Volodymyr Fedorov: We are a great team that comes from a variety of backgrounds and united around a common idea. I’ve worked with many of the team members in prior jobs and know exactly what an important contribution each of them brings to our common project. From idea analysis, market research, and up to implementation – everyone was directly involved, drawing on their own proven experience of previous crypto projects and gaming solutions.

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m curious about Pokersols and what you are bringing to the industry

Q2. Kindly introduce us briefly to Pokersols. How Pokersols differs from many other casinos that also offer poker.

Volodymyr Fedorov: The full name of our project is “Solana Lamports Poker” which literally means “use SOL to play poker”, or “poker for SOLs”. Poker is the most popular card game in the world. Even when playing poker with friends, you somehow use chips or other valuables, for the possession of which, in the rules of the game, all the action takes place. As in most card games, randomness plays an important role, but the ability to win in several ways is a distinctive feature of poker (tight, hand, out counts, experience, bluff, luck, etc). Only the game that you do not want to play is not gambling. Pokersols allows you to play several well-known types of poker and earn by winning (someone wins against another who obviously loses). Pokersols is not a casino! Fair poker play between real people! Instant buy-in and instant pay-out, no deposits or unfair exchanges – use Solana wallet with native SOL only.

Cryptodaily Admin: So basically on-chain poker but then I would love to know more about the instant buy-in and pay-out. So let’s get into that:

Q3: How did you integrate Blockchain within Pokersols? How does Web3 help Pokersols with some of the existing problems in Web2 card games?

Volodymyr Fedorov: Good question! Well, not to go into technical details, web3 technology allows users to maintain the highest security and anonymity, as well as the highest transparency of transactions. In the new reality, it is enough for a user to have a Solana wallet, and any properly built web3 application needs only a public key (wallet number) to identify an anonymous user in its system. If the user is still asked to provide personal data, or register for a quick login as it is in Web2, this is all pursuing goals that are not related to security and anonymity in Web3. The Solana wallet provides low-level access to the Solana blockchain API via a secure websocket connection. Pokersols is deeply integrated with these technologies, the user only needs to connect his wallet, and our system will do the rest (except for the process of confirming transactions by the user in his wallet). 

Cryptodaily Admin: Agree, so because of anonymity and security, Pokersols decided to move from a traditional online poker card game on web2 to web3. But at the same time, it is as good as the traditional online poker games. That is why I have this question for you:

Q4. How many card games can we play with Pokersols? Are you limited to a certain amount of card games?

Volodymyr Fedorov: At Pokersols, we offer users a choice of several types of poker: Hold’em and Omaha (the highest combination wins), Medloh and Ahamo (the lowest combination wins), tournaments with each of these types of poker. A large number of poker tables, depending on the settings (buy-in amount and blinds, the number of players, speed of the players move). If our permanent members ask us to add other types of poker (by providing the suggestions and then top voted on the most wished), we will implement it.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok so there’s no difference in the gameplay here, but the next big thing is the voting system implemented by Pokersols. I’m sensing a DAO development in the future then But let’s leave that to the future questions!

Q5. Do Pokersols require users to pay-to-play-and-earn? Or free-to-play users can also join and try it out?

Volodymyr Fedorov: For now Pokersols is released on the testnet (or devnet relating to accessibility) Solana cluster, so all games are free-to-play to check the gameplay. After Pokersols will go live to the mainnet, that means our system will expect users to have a real SOL for play, win and earn real SOLs (buy-ins range starts with 0.01 SOL). Free games will remain on a separate server.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah I see, so we’re using our SOL as chips. Ok got it

Volodymyr Fedorov: Yes, Lamports of SOLs

Cryptodaily Admin: Duh, that should be obvious to me just that I’m used to the old poker game where you need to buy their currency to play. Ok so my next question for Pokersols is about NFT:

Q6. Will you apply the hottest NFT technology to Pokersols and what will your NFT be used for, if so?

Volodymyr Fedorov: Yes, simultaneously with the release of PokerSols on the mainnet, we will also release rare NFTs that will be immediately used by our investors in the game: commission reduction from bank winnings, participation in special tournaments for token holders, periodic lotteries and more, as well as each NFT will bring to the owner passive income (percentage of the total commission accumulated in the system). But to be clear NFT will not be mandatory – no one in the poker game has any advantage in terms of winnings. Investors’ funds for the purchased tokens will be used to promote our project, as well as to obtain the crypto gambling license in the trusted jurisdiction.

Cryptodaily Admin: Yep, it has to be clear: no NFT holders have the higher winning rate. People often misunderstand the usage of NFT, like giving them higher power, higher ability against those without. Not in this case, however, NFTs in Pokersols have more benefits in regard to the fee reduction, future tournament tickets,… So check them out if you’re interested!

Q7. Security is crucial in Crypto, so how do you ensure that Pokersols will not be exploited by hackers?

Volodymyr Fedorov: Is there any system that guarantees that it is 100% secure from intrusion by hackers?  The reality is that the web3 technologies integrated into Pokersols allow critical operations (transactions with funds) to be carried out only after the permission of the wallet owner (the wallet is outside of our system). This means that even hacking or interfering with the operation of the Pokersols system, will not affect the safety of our users’ funds in any way.

Cryptodaily Admin: Interesting, users’ funds are still in their wallet regardless of hacks or not. Then we will have to rely on the devs of Pokersols to not mess with the permission process when we sign to buy-in or pay-out

Volodymyr Fedorov: Yes, and while the playing the game – in our system wallet, and all transactions are clear in blockchain

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah, when reading your info, I see there’s a feature that you stated as an innovation to other poker games

Q8. There’s another feature called “replay”. Why did you build such a feature?

Volodymyr Fedorov: Playroll replay is a distinctive feature of our project, available to use right after game finish, is the link in fact to review the real-time game process as it exactly was. The replay link can be easily shared with friends, posted on social networks, embedded on your website as an iframe, etc. Also, using our replays, there is no need to record a real-time game video in order to comment on it later.

You are free to check some examples right now, just open in your browser links below:

Cryptodaily Admin: So these replays will be stored in your database? Can we download it? you can open the replay link, no need to download. I see, here comes the last question for Pokersols:

Q9: Where can we find out more about Pokersols?

Volodymyr Fedorov: Oh, you are free to find out more about Pokersols by following our official links:







Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you These are absolutely helpful! So if you’re interested in playing some web3 poker games, check them out!

Volodymyr Fedorov: Thank you all too for this time. Join us and enjoy!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Pokersols

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Volodymyr Fedorov: Thank you all

Cryptodaily Admin: And thank you to you too Volodymyr Fedorov

Volodymyr Fedorov: Join us and enjoy! See you later

Cryptodaily Admin: Of course! If anyone’s interested, kindly join Pokersols in their channels. Take care

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