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Cryptodaily Admin: Hey hey everyone  Welcome back to another AMA with Solana_Daily! I have here with me Mr. CryptoB from the Viral Inu project!

Good day to you CryptoB, how are things?

CryptoB: Hey, things are going well thanks for asking! Happy to be able to be here and be able to answer a few questions about the viral inu project!

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah and I’m glad to have you back here with us CryptoB! Not so long ago we had a great talk about Viraverse, and today we will focus on Viral Inu. So, are you ready to start this AMA CryptoB ?

CryptoB: Yes, today we’re focusing on another one of our projects, viral inu. I’m ready when you are!

Cryptodaily Admin: Alright, let’s begin with the first question for Viral Inu!

Q1: Please tell us what Viral Inu is about CryptoB

CryptoB: Viral Inu isn’t just your regular meme coin. Sure, the name gives meme vibes and helps raise awareness. But, the token comes with a lot of possibilities and utilities. Our team is fully dedicated to building something special. The main purpose behind Viral Inu is to showcase a never-before-seen protocol in the token world, the viral protocol from Viraverse. On top of that Viral Inu will be creating an ecosystem of HIGHLY addictive P2E games. We have our first game, SOL RUNNER, wrapping up in development shortly  & we plan to launch a trusted NFT marketplace. VINU is just the first project involving a family of projects the team has coming soon. We are using VINU to test the markets and tweak our future use cases.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s a nice introduction there with lots of details! And we will get into that right now!

Q2: What is the viral protocol & how will it be integrated into viral Inu?

CryptoB: Yes, We wanted to make sure viral inu is understood! The Viraverse is a platform that allows tokens to implement the viral protocol to help their token go viral. Through our portal on the Viraverse we are able to reward our users via airdrops for completing community-building actions. Viral Inu and the Viraverse have partnered up and Viral Inu will be the first Token to implement this viral protocol into its community. Through the integration of the Viral Protocol, Holders of VINU are able to earn rewards for inviting new holders, promoting Viral Inu on social media, and more! Users can receive airdrops containing VINU tokens, random mystery boxes containing random NFTs, or random mystery boxes containing a mixed amount of rewards. Additionally, VINU holders can enter exclusive weekly giveaways to win REAL things, just by holding. This is what we mean by a truly community driven token, we place the power in the hands of our community by allowing them to be able to contribute to the growth of the community.

Stakers of Viral Inu token & Viraverse token will have the ability to use the Viraverse’s VINU portal. Users must connect their wallets, sign, and give access to the platform. Then users will be allowed to create an account on the Viraverse pegged to their wallet address. Staking a set amount of Viral Inu gives holders permission to earn rewards in the Viraverse. Furthermore, staking more tokens will give users even more permissions and bigger rewards for using the platform.

Cryptodaily Admin: So there is a bit of affiliate marketing going on here but the VINU holders can receive so much more benefits. So how can we receive the rewards by inviting more people? What do we need to do? Is it automatically sent to our wallet?

CryptoB: Yes we are bringing a slight affiliate marketing aspect to the cryptocurrency market. But yes VINU holders can receive many more benefits.

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah and it’s efficient too, this way the community of Viral Inu will be more organic

CryptoB: Yes and in a sense creating that viral effect since our community is constantly sharing

Once a user completes a community building action such as , referring new holders, driving traffic to the viral inu landing page, or even uploading to the social media hub they are rewarded. But The user is only awarded once it gets validated through the Viraverse validation system. Once authenticated, a smart contract airdrops the user for the action.

Q3: What are some other utilities coming along with viral Inu?

CryptoB: Along with the integration of the viral protocol, Viral Inu also plans to develop an ecosystem of P2E of different types of games and we also have plans to develop a trusted NFT Marketplace.

Q4: Yes and Viral Inu has a P2E game coming up, tell us more about that

CryptoB: Yes in fact we do , our game which is named Sol Runner is the first in an ecosystem of P2E games on the Viraverse network . Sol Runner is a cool and addictive game that allows integrated partnerships within the game. Meaning you can possibly find other tokens in the future within our game.

Q5: What can we expect of this game & when will we be able to play it?

Cryptodaily Admin: Let me guess, it’s going to be somewhat similar to Temple Run right? Cause these non-stop running game is really addictive like you said 

CryptoB: As promised this game is an addictive and fun game that will have you playing all day and all night . The official launch of Sol Runner will be announced real soon and everyone should keep an eye out for it .

Cryptodaily Admin: ooh is it a finished game?

CryptoB: We are wrapping up development really soon!

Cryptodaily Admin: It would be nice if there’s a Boss battle at a certain mark and you have to jump to avoid the attack. Just a small suggestion though 

CryptoB: We’re always open to suggestions 

Q6: We’ve noticed your cartoon, care to explain what that’s about?

CryptoB: VINU’s adventure is a cartoon series that we created in order to bring an innovative and creative way to keep our token holders in the loop. We use the series to give a fun and animated perspective of what is going on with our token. Within the series you will see VINU explore the Viraverse and make new friends while doing so. This series also allows partnership integration as you see us partner off with different tokens you may see in the cartoon as well.

Cryptodaily Admin: Yes I did! and recently you guys were collabing with FLOOF in Episode 4. Love the content that you guys are bringing to the community. Keep them coming!

Q7: Are there any benefits for early VINU holders?

CryptoB: Thank you so much! We’re just getting started! We will incentivize users for staking and holding VINU, as doing so will give you exclusive and early access for what’s to come!

Q8: What can we expect to see in the future?

CryptoB: You can expect to see lots of updates from the viral inu team in the upcoming weeks! Integration of the viral protocol, updates to our P2E ecosystem, more episodes and more collabs with other projects in the Solana community!

Cryptodaily Admin: Dang those are exciting! Can’t wait for another collab!

Q9: With the current Solana Market, how is the team doing?

CryptoB: The team comprises people from different technical backgrounds, from expert developers, marketers, and finance majors to economic masters. We’ve explored every use-case and possible future for this project to ensure its success and the community’s trust and value in it. We’ve been working day and night to provide the best for our community and we won’t stop until you are satisfied. The current market doesn’t affect us as we are building for the future!

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s great to know! But these tough times can really put a project to a test, if Viral Inu can survive this then I think the future can be very bright!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Viral Inu 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

CryptoB: Thank you guys for having me! Make sure to check us out on Twitter and check out our discord. Lots of things coming soon 

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you CryptoB for being here with the community. It has been a pleasure! We wish you the best!

CryptoB: Thank you!

Cryptodaily Admin: Anytime!

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