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We study and analyze what is happening in the market and are dedicated on bringing the latest and most accurate news available about Binance Chain on the Internet.

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We are a solid supporters of creating all sorts of cross collaborations & partnerships together with new and existing projects available on the market.

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Reach out to the BSC Network audience by using our news medium as a megaphone for your project or company. BSCN provides custom tailored solutions.

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Every project is entitled to atleast one free post snippet on the BSCN Network. A free post snippet is a introduction post about any project on the Binance Smart Chain (unless a specific project has been confirmed or is highly assumed as a scam). Claim your free post snippet for free at the bottom of this webpage.

Even though we analyze projects and try to execute a steady checkup / audit on the projects and teams that we are featuring here at the BSCN Network unfortunately it is not always possible to guarantee a project is legitim as it claims. 

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We provide an opportunity for BSC Projects to get noticed in the market. At BSCN we believe that every genuine project deserves a spot on the BSCN Platform. Gain more attention for your BSC Project simply by reaching out to the BSCN Team below.

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The words that being said about your project matter. It is important that your project is featured in the way that is both in line with the vision of the people behind it as well as the audience that will read it. At BSCN we believe that we can make it work for every BSC Project.

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Some of the featured BSC Projects

Collect Treasures in Augmented Reality

There’s no easier way for someone to get involved and earn cryptocurrency than by downloading Aircoins. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn about various cryptocurrency projects in the space.

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World’s Top DeFi Lending Platform on BSC

ForTube is an open source DeFi lending protocol designed to provide decentralized solutions for lending services. Multi-chain markets, decentralization, flexible strategy, safe and reliable

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WISE is decentralized finance of another level

WISE is an innovative cryptocurrency designed to be a highly secure store of value that can be easily staked to earn trustless interest. Like bonds, certificates of deposit and much more.

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