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Starbots AMA Recap

Solanda_Daily hosts Starbots: #Starbots #robots #Solanadaily #solana #NFT Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome Kien Vuong to the Solana Daily community. How are you? Kien Vuong: Hi Daley. I’m really excited to be here today. Solanda_Daily Admin: We’re excited to have you here today to talk about Starbots. Are you ready for the AMA? Kien Vuong: Sure. Q1: Please introduce the “Starbots” project to the[Read more…]

Saros, the DeFi Super-Network Built on Solana

Introducing Saros, the all-in-one decentralized and permissionless platform that allows you to trade, stake, and invest with minimal costs, high efficiency, and the best experience possible. Project Introduction Saros Finance is a Solana-based Unified Suite of DeFi Products made up of three main components: SarosSwap (AMM), SarosFarm (Pool), and SarosStake (Staking), with SarosSwap serving as[Read more…]

Francium AMA Recap

Solana_Daily hosts Francium: a Decentralized Automatic Investment Platform built on Solana. Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today? Icy Awecium: Hello everyone, I’m Icy from Francium. Glad to be in this great community. Solanda_Daily Admin: Are you ready for the AMA Icy? Icy Awecium: Sure, let’s start! Solanda_Daily Admin: Great! Q1: Please first introduce your team and why you built Francium. Solanda_Daily Admin: And please include[Read more…]

UPFI Network AMA Recap hosts UPFI: #Solana #UPFI #UpFiNetwork #SolanaDaily #BSCDaily #BSC BSCDaily Admin: Hello and welcome, @heroharry How are you today?  Harry: Hello Daley and Solana Daily community. Thank you, I’m good today. BSCDaily Admin: Glad to hear! Are you ready to start the AMA with the Solana_daily community? Harry: Yes I’m ready  BSCDaily Admin: Alright, we open with the first question: Q1: Can you introduce[Read more…]

SolaJump AMA Recap hosts SolaJump: #Solana #SolaJump #Solajumper #BSC #BSCDaily #SolanaDaily BSCDaily Admin: Hello and welcome. Glad to have you here! Badboy75 Nerd148: Hello everyone. Glad to be here. BSCDaily Admin: Ready to do the AMA? Badboy75 Nerd148: Ready and set. Q1: Please introduce us to the SolaJump project and SolaJump NFTs. Badboy75 Nerd148: Solajump project is born in June 2021. My partners and I have[Read more…]

TribeLand AMA Recap

Solana_Daily hosts TribeLand: #Metaverse #Gamefi #Tribeland #SolanaDaily #SOL Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today? Dandy Rabi: I’m glad to be here with you guys today. Solanda_Daily Admin: Happy to hear, ready for our AMA? Dandy Rabi: I’m ready! Q1: Could you please introduce us to TribeLand the team experience? Dandy Rabi: My name s Dandy Rabi, currently the CEO of Tribeland[Read more…]

VOID – The World’s First Revolutionary Holistic NFT Gaming

Built on Solana and driven by Unreal Engine 5, Void raises the bar for AAA gaming. Its NFT marketplace will be available soon! Introduction VOID is an online multiplayer game where you can customize your character and fight single or in small groups on vast open field battlegrounds. The game provides a plethora of chances[Read more…]

Seasocorns, the First African Project on Solana With Meaningful Charity Purpose

Introduction “Seasocorns” is the most recent example of animal-based NFTs. On Nov. 18, Seasocorns, a collection of unicorn NFTs on the Solana blockchain, went live for minting. However, due to consultation with different individuals in the community, they decided to pause the mint on 2nd Dec. This was to allow room for criticism and implementation[Read more…]

Tabtrader Announced Launching on Solanium and AcceleRaytor After Successful Raised $5.8 Million Equity Round

On December 1, Tabtrader will launch its token ($TTT) on Solanium and AcceleRaytor. They are now on the way to becoming the “ultimate trading terminal.” TabTrader 2.0 is ready for the future of DeFi! Introduction Launchpads for TabTrader’s TTT token on Solanium and AcceleRaytor are set for December 1, 2021. TabTrader aims to be the[Read more…]

Solice – The Very First VR Metaverse on the Solana Ecosystem

Solice is an open 3D world with infinite possibilities: a VR metaverse where users can play, build, own, socialize, and monetize their immersive virtual experiences on the Solana blockchain. Introduction Solice is a metaverse of interconnected virtual worlds, NFTs, and communities. The vision of Solice is to improve the overall user experience by connecting them[Read more…]