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Helium community votes to migrate to Solana, scores new T-Mobile partnership

An overwhelming majority of Helium’s (HNT) community has voted to migrate the wireless network to layer1 blockchain Solana (SOL). According to available information, the HIP 70 proposal received 6,177 votes (81.41%) in support of its plan, while 1,270 were against it. The vote ended in the early hours of Sept. 22, and roughly 15 million HNT tokens were staked[Read more…]

Phantasia Sports Kicks Off NFL Fantasy Season

Phantasia Sports brings fantasy gaming to the Solana blockchain. With the recent NFL kickoff, the fantasy football season is in full swing. Phantasia’s Fantasy Season Begins On Sept. 9, the Buffalo Bills blew away the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams in a game that ended in a 31-10 score. That signaled the start of the 2022 National Football[Read more…]

Marinade Finance Launches Liquid Unstake on Solana

Marinade Finance users can now instantly unstake their SOL coins staked on any Solana validator in exchange for a 0.3% instant unstake fee. Marinade Finance 101 on Solana Billed as the first non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on Solana, Marinade Finance on Sept. 8 announced the launch of “Liquid Unstake,” which lets its users instantly unstake their SOL coins staked on[Read more…]

Goat Swap Brings AMM to Solana NFTs: Create Pools and Trade NFTs Automatically

With GOAT Swap, you can automatically buy, sell, or trade NFTs or sell your NFTs to any pools with offers. Making NFT Trading Much Easier Jupiter Aggregator co-founder brings GOAT Swap, an Automated Market Maker (AMM) for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which allows users to generate fees on liquidity like Magic Eden. “I think the NFT AMM model will dramatically[Read more…]

Solana: Why critics are opposed to Helium’s latest proposal

Solana [SOL] is slated to become the next home for the Helium network. The announcement made by the Helium Foundation was part of a new proposal dubbed HIP 70. If approved, it will mark the start of a robust partnership between the two decentralized networks. The announcement marks an important milestone for the two networks, especially[Read more…]

Helium May Say Goodbye to Own Blockchain As Likely Solana Move Looms

Helium, a peer-to-peer blockchain network designed for the so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT) that works to connect devices via emerging wireless technology is likely to transition from its own cryptocurrency onto Solana’s proof-of-stake blockchain.  Helium’s network operates by offering crypto tokens to community members willing to run nodes to share internet with other users,and the protocol’s core[Read more…]

Tiny Colony Teases Project’s Future

Base Defense is the next priority after the team successfully launched the MVP of their base construction mechanic of the game. Defend the Base The Developers of the Solana PlayAndEarn blockchain game Tiny Colony shared what the community can expect in the coming weeks. In an Aug. 23 Tweet, Tiny Colony CEO Arshia Navabi and game producer Ernest[Read more…]

Phantom Wallet Activates NFT Spam Burning Mechanism, Fraud Alert System

Phantom: “We’re not stopping there. Users can look forward to more automated spam detection in the future.” Combatting Spam NFTs Phantom Wallet has rolled out a new burn feature that allows users to delete spam Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) sent by scammers. According to the announcement, users can already find the “Burn Token” tab in the wallet app,[Read more…]

SafeLegends NFTS Soon On Memenft

The time has come, here’s the big news. One of the most amazing achievements is finally unlocked now that we have finalized the majority of work around the preparation of building SafeLegends. And now, it’s time to introduce the NFTS in the game.Let’s dive into the details because we don’t want to keep you waiting[Read more…]

Solana (IRL) Spaces?

GM NeoSwappers! This week we saw Solana announce the first physical web3 store! It’s not your traditional store mind-you, it is an educational space, a community space, a retail space and general spot for budding degens. Based in Manhattan, we expect it to make some waves and continues Solana’s move into ‘meatspace’ (as some of Crypto[Read more…]