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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful greenish day! And welcome back to another AMA with SolanaDaily I’m you host Daley and today, I’m joined by JT – CEO at GameSol. Good day to you Jayesh! How’s everything?

Jayesh Trivedi: Good day to you, Daley. Hello SolanaDaily Community. Nice to meet you All, hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying the current market situation. My name is Jayesh Trivedi. I am the founder and CEO of GameSol – GameFi project. GameSol is an online multiplayer, p2p, & p2e Robo war metaverse game on the Solana chain, managed by $GSL as its utility token. Thank you SolanaDaily for hosting this AMA session with us. Would love to answer the team here.

Cryptodaily Admin: Well well well! It sure is a pleasure having you and the guys from GameSol here with the SolanaDaily community! I want to play it already Right! So let’s get into the AMA right away shall we Jayesh?

Jayesh Trivedi: You can play it online on our website mate. Here’s the link to the game: Hope you enjoy it

Cryptodaily Admin: Well my laptop is not for gaming So it’s a bit laggy

Jayesh Trivedi: Yeh, our Android version is also available for the download on the website. Here it is: Android MVP APK:

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh cool  So, I think let’s save some of the goodies for the AMA, how’s that Jayesh Trivedi ?

Jayesh Trivedi: Yeh

Cryptodaily Admin: So right off the bat, JT introduced himself, but we would love to know more about the rest of the team members!

Q1: Please introduce the core members behind GameSol. Are you public? What are your past experiences?

Jayesh Trivedi: GameSol is backed by an IT team in India. There are a total of 24 team members.

Some of the core team members profiles are as followed:

Myself CEO of GameSol having experience in the IT industry since 2007, worked on many technologies during this timeframe. I have executed Blockchain projects and GameFi projects for other team members in the past. The GameSol team is divided into vast expertise having 12 Unity Developers, 4 Mobile Apps developers, 3 Designers, 4 Blockchain developers and Marketing team members.

Cryptodaily Admin: Those are some great human resources you have there, especially the core members. I’ll leave this for the chat to do their own research! Let’s move on to the GameSol:

Jayesh Trivedi: Thanks, the team is expert in game development and designing characters. You can visualize their creativity on our website in the form of our NFTs.

Cryptodaily Admin: I’ll leave this for the chat to do their own research! Let’s move on to the GameSol:

Q2: What is GameSol about? Why did you decide to build a GameFi in this market when there have been tons of existing games?

Jayesh Trivedi: Haha, it is a short story but will definitely interest the community. GameSol is all about war combat gaming, The concept is simple yet interesting. We are developing an online multiplayer robot war game. It is a RPG game based on the Solana blockchain. I agree that there are tons of existing games but no one provides real gaming experience with GameFi. Community is looking for a real GameFi project with HD graphics and strategic gameplay. People are executing short game projects and the community doesn’t get what they invested for. GameSol will be available on iOS/Android/Web platforms and trust me the mobile experience of gameplay is unmatchable compared to any GameFi project in the current time.

Cryptodaily Admin: Well said, hope the game will be released on IOS soon

Jayesh Trivedi: Yeh, it will be available shortly. To be precise in July 2022

Cryptodaily Admin: So it’s an RPG, online shooting robot war combat game. How long has the game been in development?

Jayesh Trivedi: Right, the players can choose their robot and play the game. There are helper robots as well played as killer robots who follow the main role. You know the backbone of your team The game is redesigned for the hybrid dino robots and it will be available for free to play in June second week. Currently the team is working on graphics modulation of the new gameplay.

Cryptodaily Admin: And that’s exactly what I’ll ask next here:

Q3: What is the gameplay of GameSol? What are some of GameSol – Robomania’s strengths to compete in the market?

Jayesh Trivedi: GameSol has developed a unique storyline and it can be seen in our trailer video here:

The Game is developed on 7 different maps of diversified terrains, it can be seen on the and the section called “OUR METAVERSE”. The section is interactive to have a glimpse of our maps. The gameplay includes Robots and Weapons as power combat battles. Gamers can create online rooms and invite/join the rooms with the decided rewards and play the levels using the NFTs. BTW NFTs include Maps, Robots, Weapons and Game assets. The strategic gameplay is divided into many stages, one can either win the rewards once the target is achieved or by winning the game.

Cryptodaily Admin: There’s no better way to experience the gameplay than playing the test version on your website too. Remember to check it out peeps! 

Jayesh Trivedi: Yes, absolutely.

Cryptodaily Admin: An important aspect of GameFi is tokenomics. And tons of GameFi have failed and died because of this reason, that’s why I have my next question:

Q4: Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $GSL use cases? Has it been audited?

Jayesh Trivedi: GameSol tokenomics is designed based on big players and long term investor’s proper gaining. Our marketing team did research and also did the voting for the TGE and distribution of the funds in terms of the tokens to make this tokenomics.

GameSol Tokenomics –

GSL Token has Tons of Use Case, some of the major includes:

 • Trade for real money

 • Trade as in game currency

 • NFT purchase and renting can be done using GSL tokens

 • In game Rewards will be through GSL token

 • Stake GSL to access In game VIP Store, Premium Room Access

 • Speed up In game asset repairs using GSL

 • Summon team mates with GSL

 • Predict the game result and win rewards

 • Participate in Governance and Game Feature Improvements by voting with GSL

It will be audited before launch.

Cryptodaily Admin: You’re using a single token model for GameSol? Do you think it’s more sustainable than the dual model?

Jayesh Trivedi: Frankly two different tokens required if your game is not compatible with GameFi. Our properties are different and our user’s profile is actually their solana wallet. Users don’t need to share any private information.

Cryptodaily Admin: Gotcha

Jayesh Trivedi: Connect your wallet and GO Play! All your NFTs and rewards will be done at once, no need to submit separate details and this is the GEM of GameSol.

Cryptodaily Admin: Right, we need to connect our wallet, that’s standard for every gamefi, but then:

Q5: Is the game free to play? Also, how can players and investors earn in GameSol?

Jayesh Trivedi: It will work on all three platforms similarly with the same profile and you can switch the device at any time and play from the same place where you left in the previous device. GameSol is free to play, you just need Robots NFTs at-least to play the game. We will introduce free robot NFTs for the gamers as well and it will be distributed via Airdrop. Although any game you play will have rewards so free robot NFTs are required.

Players and Investors can earn in multiple ways :

 • They can trade NFTs

 • In game rewards for winners

 • NFTs can be rented through our partner protocol

 • Predict the game results and win rewards

 • Target based rewards for the gamers.

 • Trade GSL for the real money

 • Stake GSL and earn rewards from the VIP Store

Cryptodaily Admin: Any way we can get our hands on the free NFTs besides Airdrop?

Jayesh Trivedi: Yes :), There will be enough for the community and players.

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice So about the NFTs

Q6: What are the benefits of holding your NFTs besides playing the game? How do you make sure the NFT price will appreciate in the future?

Jayesh Trivedi: This is a really interesting question and trust me required a lot of work from the development team. GameSol will introduce limited NFTs but enough for the players. It will also be available for renting to other players through our partner protocol. Unique Robots and Weapons will mint through the rare NFTs and it will be traded to the gamers community. GameSol will continue development support for NFT holders to add more maps, game modes to keep the community active with the game. Nicer the game higher the value of the NFTs.

Cryptodaily Admin: There will be even more benefits coming up with the GameSol NFTs as the game continues to expand, so make sure to check them out! I think it’s time we talk about the plans of GameSol in the future now that you’ve talked about it

Jayesh Trivedi: Sure

Cryptodaily Admin: But first, I want to know the achievements that the team has accomplished

Q7: What are some of the impressive milestones that you have achieved with GameSol?

Jayesh Trivedi: GameSol has gone through an interesting time frame till the development.

The team has introduced MVP in the first quarter of 2022. We also have introduced NFTs to the community and it is appreciated by the community throughout.

The main links of achievements are here:

+ Website: 

+ Prototype: 

+ Android MVP APK:

+ YouTube: 

+ Medium:

+ Robots NFTs –

+ Weapons NFTs –

We also partnered with some of the good projects in the community for our game improvement and it includes names like IQ Protocol for NFT distribution and renting, Zebec for rewards distribution, for game prediction and many more. There are many things under process from the GameSol team end including new MVP and the hybrid dino NFTs.

Cryptodaily Admin: I’ll make sure to read all this So for my final questions about GameSol:

Q8: Please walk us through the future plans of GameSol in 2022. Will there be any major targets set out to be achieved?

Jayesh Trivedi: GameSol has many exciting milestones for the community. We have introduced our Game with Blockchain and it is also available on Web and Android platforms.

The next milestone coming into Q3 2022 will include 

 • iOS release and NFTs into Gameplay.

 • GameSol will introduce online server room support

Q4 2022 milestone is more interesting which includes:

 • Game Feature Add-ons

 • Complete GameSol Metaverse Launch and all Maps will be strategically available for the gamers

 • 3D personalize Robots and Rare NFTs will be available along with Hybrid combination of current weapons and the current Robots

 • GameSol will hold a Game event in Vietnam – Top 3 gamers/contributors will be sponsored by GameSol for the event.

 • Community voting and governance of the game features will be available

Q1 2023 Milestone is more of the community involvement

 • GameSol will introduce VR support for the gamers community

 • New feature add-ons and maps will be introduced in the improvements.

FYI, GameSol will hold a Game event in Vietnam – Top 3 gamers/contributors will be sponsored by GameSol for the event in Q4 2022.

Cryptodaily Admin: I love it! Any vietnamese in the house, be sure to put this in your calendar! Check GameSol out in their socials here:




Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with GameSol

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jayesh Trivedi: This is a great community here, I loved answering all those questions. If anything is missed please send me a DM and I will love to answer your questions.

Cryptodaily Admin: For sure! If you have any unanswered questions, send him a DM!

Jayesh Trivedi: Some of the questions were pretty straight forward but I hope the GameSol team had satisfactory solutions for them.

Cryptodaily Admin: They are serious about their investments

Jayesh Trivedi: Our private sale is going live in a couple of hours on Avenir Capital, please join there and invest there to gain more.

Here are the details to review:

Sale Date: May 23 2022 – 12:00 UTC on Atnircapital

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Jayesh Trivedi again for coming on and talking about GameSol! The game looks exciting and interactive, and I don’t have to mention the graphics, it’s fireee. Best of luck to you and the private sales!

Take care JT

Jayesh Trivedi: Thank you for all the great words!

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