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Solanda_Daily hosts DeadKnight: #DeadKnight #Solanadaily #Solana

Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome to the community. I hope you’re doing well

Savana Deville: Hello everyone. I’m so glad to be at the AMA today with Solana Daily. How are you today, guys?

Solanda_Daily Admin: I think we are all pumped!!! Today’s topic of discussion is DeadKnight! A wonderful 8-bit RPG game.

Savana Deville: Everyone please join quickly so we can start the AMA 

Solanda_Daily Admin: I’m sure people are looking forward to this AMA. So, are you ready to start the AMA?

Savana Deville: Sure. I’m ready 

Q1: Can you briefly talk about your project for us? What is DeadKnight about?

Savana Deville: Hey I’m Savana James, I’m CMO of Blackverse Studio. We are a game studio founded by developers with more than five years of experience producing SLG games and Turn-based Strategy Games. We’ve been working on Dead Knight together since April 2021, almost a year now.

After an incident called The Scourge, the people in Vela kingdom were cursed and turned into Undead. They are out of the circle of life and death. However, after each reincarnation, the Undead gradually lose their mind and finally become insane.

With the belief that Sinners – the powerful monster born from the soul shards of the Great Demon Alvin – are the key to finish the curse, a group of sane Undead called The Dead Knight gather around to annihilate them.

This is an 8-bit NFT game project set in a fantasy medieval world, in which the main character is an Undead whose sanity is still intact. His mission is to discover the cure for the Undead Curse by defeating the bosses called The Sinners. The aim of this game is to build an attractive Dead Knight metaverse, which attracts a large number of Gamefi players to the Solana ecosystem. This is done by creating the Undead world with many interesting things to discover, via exciting and advanced features/technologies like VR or AI.

Solanda_Daily Admin: So is VR implemented in the game right now? Or later in the future?

Savana Deville: we are planning for VR in game and for sure, it will be in the game later. but don’t worry, it’s not too long 

Q2: Who is the brilliant Team behind the projects?

Savana Deville: We are a game studio founded by developers with more than five years of experience producing SLG games and Turn-based Strategy Games. We’ve been working on Dead Knight together since April 2021, almost a year now. We are from Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

I guarantee the product from our team will not let you down. especially Dead Knight Metaverse.

Solanda_Daily Admin: So how long have you guys been working with Blockchain technology? Moving from traditional games to Blockchain based games must be interesting!

Savana Deville: I don’t remember exactly, maybe more than 8 years 

Q3: What about the Vision of DeadKnight? Where do you see yourself in the year 2022?

Savana Deville: We have a specific vision:

– Build an attractive Dead Knight metaverse that attracts a large number of Gamefi players to the Solana ecosystem, making them explore the Undead world and enjoy every feature.

– Design a healthy & rewarding dual token system for regular crypto users via play-to-earn mechanics that ensure the game’s longevity.

– Create an expert atmosphere in Dead Knight metaverse with Dead Knight Championship featuring KOLs streaming for the tournaments & benefit for the attendee.

– Enable new technologies so players can use VR devices to explore & battle in the Dead Knight metaverse.

In the following year 2022, we have many plans and are finalizing them in the last quarter of 2022. Please look forward to us

Q4: What is The DeadKnight Metaverse? And what can we do in this metaverse specifically?

Savana Deville: The Dead Knight generative PFP NFTs are uniquely and randomly generated attributes based on blockchain technology. They will be released first on Solana Blockchain and then the game.

Dead Knight NFT collectibles also come in 4 different classes, each with a unique set of attributes that appear on the NFT. Owning DK NFT will bring the following benefits:

Use their DKs as their characters in exciting Play-To-Earn features.

Enjoy the DK Championship organized frequently and win prizes from the tournaments.

They are participating in the DK metaverse. After the DK strongholds feature is released, Players can buy their own NFT strongholds to manufacture and exchange goods & their unique NFT to enjoy DK metaverse better or make a profit through the marketplace. Also, they can explore & fight with VR in the 3D model of the DK world.

Enjoy dual token system to provide economic stability.

Enable chatting Interactive & DK social element.

Q5: Can you share about the DeadKnight’s NFT Collectibles?

Savana Deville: Gen-0 NFTs are the first 9999 NFTs on sale before the game release, uniquely and randomly generated attributes based on blockchain technology. They are the unique characters who make up the first generation of the Dead Knight, each of which is with a fantastic set of attributes that appear on the NFTs. For this reason, Gen-0 NFTs have many advantages compared to the later generations.

Players will use their Knight as their characters in an exciting Play-To-Earn NFT Game. Those NFTs will show various stats regarding damage tolerance, defense, and luck in the game.

Gen-0 NFTs are also key to unlocking many future features in Dead Knight Metaverse.

Q6: What is one thing that sets you apart from other projects since there are numerous GameFi projects out there?

Savana Deville: In producing Dead Knight products, we have learned a lot of experience building games on the Blockchain platform, especially the Play to Earn genre. We think this one-way development method is not healthy for the life cycle of a game, so we have tried to improve the game’s development direction, ensuring enough depth of game experience and providing the guidance of income generation for players. You can learn more about our Economic System on the pitch deck.

Q7: How will you build strong relationships with communities?

Savana Deville: this is a great question 

It is not “how will” because currently, we have already been building strong communities on almost every well-known social platform. The biggest ones are on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Discord. You can find not only the latest information but also the best support from an enthusiastic, well-trained team which works almost 24/7. Besides, many activities are organized nearly every month to stimulate the community, and also to attract new players/investors.

Q8: What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

Savana Deville: Our main focus right now is the community and the game. We are building a strong community where everyone can get in and learn more about the game. Besides, the final product/the game is essential. It is our effort and the investment, and we try our best to give a smooth and exciting game experience when the closed beta is released in the first quarter of 2022.

Q9: Where can we find out more about DeadKnight?

Savana Deville: This is our slogan, and includes all information about the Dead Knight Metaverse. Everyone kindly visit our website, channel 


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Solanda_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with DeadKnight 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Savana Deville: ✨✨✨Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to join the AMA today 

Thank you admin team for your enthusiastic support!!!!!

Please kindly follow our channels to get the latest updates! Have a nice day guys!

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Solanda_Daily Admin: Have a nice day to you too Savana! Best of luck to DeadKnight!

Savana Deville: Have a great great day, all of you  Wish best thing to you.

Solanda_Daily Admin: It was a pleasure!

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