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Fractal Raises $35M Seed Round

By Dardania HavolliNFT The hugely significant participants in Fractal’s seed round are a testimony to the belief that the wider industry has in Fractal and its team.  Fractal Funding Locked in Fractal has announced the close of a $35 million seed financing round from some of the most significant investors in crypto and gaming.  The[Read more…]

Universal Basic Income Protocols Are Blooming in Argentina

By Mark JurgensDeFi Smart developers in South America are building the infrastructure for every human to receive a minimum income regularly. The Universal Basic Income Solution Universal Basic Income (UBI) has risen in the last years as probably the most ambitious social policy of our times.  Long discussions around dinner tables have been weighing in[Read more…]

Genesis Habitat Minting to go Live

You will need all of the Genotype Crystals from five elemental classes, as well as other materials, to create a level 1 Genesis Habitat. Genesis Habitat Minting by Genopets Lvl 1 Genesis Habitat Minting by Genopets to open this upcoming Monday, April 4th, 2022 and will last for a month. According to the announcement from[Read more…]

Project Insight: Friktion – Proving Portfolio Management Strategies on Solana

By Abhinav TewariDeFi Friktion enables users to automate portfolio management to maximize returns on the market using strategies coined as Volts. What is Friktion? Friktion is a DeFi portfolio management protocol on the Solana network, built to perform across market cycles. It is an asset management tool that enables users to maximize returns while mitigating[Read more…]