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Phantom Wallet Adds Ethereum and Polygon Support to its Crypto Wallet

Phantom Adds Ethereum and Polygon Support to Cryptocurrency Wallet Phantom, a cryptocurrency wallet for Solana blockchain users, has announced that it will begin public support for the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains on May 1 at 9 a.m. EST across browsers, iOS, and Android. This move will give the company’s 3 million customers access to multichain[Read more…]

Helium’s IoT Token Skyrockets 370% Following Successful Migration to Solana Blockchain

Helium’s IoT Token Surges by 370% after Successful Migration to Solana Blockchain In the last 24 hours, Helium’s IoT token has surged by more than 370% after the successful transfer of the protocol to the Solana blockchain. The migration period for Helium blockchain began on April 18th and ended 24 hours later, during which time[Read more…]

Revolutionize Your Chat Experience with Solana Labs’ Latest ChatGPT Plugin Release

The Solana Foundation Integrates New Artificial Intelligence Tool into its Ecosystem The Solana Foundation was founded by SOL developers, and it is one of the biggest rival blockchain networks to Ethereum. In keeping up with the trend of the artificial intelligence movement that started with ChatGPT, the Solana Foundation has integrated a new artificial intelligence[Read more…]

Study shows Bitcoin-native transactions outshine the broader crypto market

Bitcoin-Native Startups Outperform Crypto Sector in VC Deals, Says Trammell Venture Partners Report According to a report released by Trammell Venture Partners on Thursday, Bitcoin-native startups are outperforming the overall crypto sector in terms of venture capital deals. While the number of crypto venture fundraising deals rose 1% in 2022 from the previous year, deals[Read more…]

Solana’s AI foray: Analyzing SOL’s response to the latest developments

Solana Witnesses Decline in Active Accounts Solana, in the past 90 days, experienced a decline in the number of active accounts in terms of fee payers. A decrease in the number of fee payers directly affects a network’s revenue. However, Solana has made recent efforts to improve the blockchain, which can change the current scenario.[Read more…]

How a group of Mad Lads tricked Bots into spending $250K on fake NFTs using a Honeypot tactic

The Mad Lads NFT Drop Overcomes Extortion Threats and DDOS Attacks The Mad Lads NFT drop has been the talk of the NFT world recently, becoming the buzziest mint for any profile picture (PFP) project in months and topping the broader market over the weekend. However, the drop itself was quite dramatic, as bots overwhelmed[Read more…]

Google Cloud Partners with Solana and Others to Lead the Way for Web3

Google Cloud Announces Partnerships with Web3 Startups On April 25, Google Cloud announced partnerships with Solana, Alchemy, Nansen, and several other crypto firms as part of the web3 startup program. This initiative provides startups with “credits” to use Google’s servers and other Google-wide offers to assist emerging web3 companies. New Support for Pre-Seed to Series[Read more…]

Unveiling the Truth: Analyzing the Statistics of NFTs on Polygon Chain – Are They Still Relevant?

The Viability of NFTs on Polygon Chain: Recent Concerns and Potential Growth The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with many investors and artists flocking to the space to create and trade unique digital assets. However, there have been recent concerns about the viability of NFTs on the Polygon chain,[Read more…]

Enhance Your Blockchain Data Retrieval with Solana Labs’ ChatGPT Plugin and AI Integration

OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Enable Interactions with Solana Blockchain Users of the Solana (SOL) blockchain will soon be able to interact with the network through an open-source plugin enabled on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. According to a tweet by Solana Labs on April 25, the plugin will allow ChatGPT to check wallet balances,[Read more…]

Solana Boosts Network Capabilities with Integration of ChatGPT – A Revolutionary Move in AI Technology

Solana Network Users Can Connect via Open-Source Plugin on ChatGPT Solana Labs is a blockchain firm that is now focusing on Artificial Intelligence. On April 25, 2023, the company announced that it would offer $1 million in funding for projects that create AI tools on Solana. One of the new features that Solana Labs has[Read more…]