Tabtrader Announced Launching on Solanium and AcceleRaytor After Successful Raised $5.8 Million Equity Round

On December 1, Tabtrader will launch its token ($TTT) on Solanium and AcceleRaytor. They are now on the way to becoming the “ultimate trading terminal.” TabTrader 2.0 is ready for the future of DeFi!

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Launchpads for TabTrader’s TTT token on Solanium and AcceleRaytor are set for December 1, 2021. TabTrader aims to be the “ultimate trading terminal” with fast data updates, intuitive design, and multi-exchange access. TabTrader 2.0 focuses on Defi aggregation, allowing trading across all decentralized and centralized exchanges.

$TTT Token is ready to launch after recently closing a $5.8 million equity round. Users can benefit from a limited-time offer and an exciting investment opportunity by joining the IDO. In the future, the platform will use tokens. Holders can use tokens for in-app purchases, transaction fees, and governance.

TabTrader is a trading terminal that supports more than 30 exchanges with over 12,000 instruments, various analytical tools, and a convenient interface.

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TradFi giants.

Without the assistance of any paid user acquisition, TabTrader is catching up to the TradFi giants.

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Superior technology

Unlike competitors, TabTrader is technically superior and did not experience disruptions during the January 2021 bull run, which affected at least ten exchanges, five competitors, and comparable apps.

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Tech stack

TabTrader, in contrast to competitors, employs exclusively native languages: Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, and Javascript for the web. TabTrader’s apps are exceptionally responsive as a result of this nativity. Contrary to popular belief, this simplifies development compared to competitors who opt for React Native, Xamarin, or similar frameworks to build once and deploy everywhere. This is why TabTrader is the most highly rated cryptocurrency application.

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TabTrader is most proud of its custom-built Android/iOS charting library, which places a very high entrance hurdle for competitors. Rather than relying on commercial or even open-source software, TabTrader developed its own library, which currently distinguishes the application. The charts are significantly faster than those of any competition (crypto, forex, or even traditional stock brokerage). The charting component has strong technical analysis capabilities that few other apps can match.

Unlike competitors who all look the same, TabTrader does not use Tradingview (which is relatively poor on mobile), providing a different user experience while being vendor-independent.

Server-side technology.

There is still no one capable of aggregating and synchronizing all major exchanges into a single Android+iOS+web app. Some excel in web development and others in mobile development.

DEX aggregation

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A reasonable and promising next step for TabTrader would be to aggregate DEXes similarly to how it already aggregates CEXes.

The DEX market has 100K wallets compared to 23.5M CEX accounts. As a result, TabTrader anticipates that DEX aggregation will be the fastest expanding segment. According to industry analysis, the CAC is $30, while the income per user is $10 per month. TabTrader excels at the user interface and convenience, but hacking remains a severe threat.


Token Details

Ticker: $TTT 

Standard: SPL 

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Token price: USDC 0.1 

Valuation: USDC 100,000,000

Token Distribution 

Early Adopters: 10% – 3-year linear monthly vesting starting in 3 months after TGE

Public Sale: 2% – No lockup, 100% release at TGE 

Adoption Fund: 30% – 3-year linear monthly vesting, 10% release at TGE 

Team & Advisors:  20% – 2-year linear monthly vesting starting in 3 months after TGE 

Treasury Fund: 38% – 2-year linear monthly vesting starting in 3 months after TGE

Use Case

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the TabTrader DeFi aggregator is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of the platform.

Service fee 

For each trade or stake on DeFi, Tabtrader will charge a small convenience fee of $TTT.

Product Development. 

A self-sufficient, closed-loop economy would re-distribute all platform transaction fees collected by the network as incentives for active contributors or set aside for future product development and ecosystem growth.


For the TabTrader DeFi aggregator to function correctly, users must be encouraged to act as liquidity providers and stake their digital assets into decentralized market-making pools. To compensate for opportunity costs, these liquidity providers will be rewarded with liquidity provider tokens.


To promote decentralized community governance for the network, $TTT holders can propose and vote on governance proposals that affect the TabTrader and its products. The right to vote does not entitle $TTT holders to vote on the operation and management of the Company, its affiliates, or their assets, or the disposition of such assets to token holders, and does not constitute an equity interest in any of these entities. It is not a joint venture or a partnership.

Participant Right 

$TTT holders would be ranked. Users with more TTT will be sorted into higher tiers, granting them access to premium features and privileges.


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Android App 

iOS App 

Trading on Android 

Account tracking on iOS

Web interface

Server API 

DEX trading 

Staking aggregation 

Portfolio Analytics 

Onchain indicators 

Advanced alerts 


Final Thought

TabTrader’s mission is to make mobile investing simple. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Kirill Suslov, says “We started on mobile because our mission is to allow everyone in the world to invest”. Web and desktop expansion are already underway.

TabTrader’s impact on the digital asset trading industry’s dynamic: TabTrader 2.0 focuses on DeFI aggregation, allowing users to trade on both decentralized and centralized exchanges from the same platform. Exchanges will eventually become commodities, as evidenced by the fact that several exchanges are actively pursuing new retail-friendly products and features. TabTrader’s focus will be on the user interface and on enabling customers to connect all of their exchange accounts and wallets for a unified and organized investing experience. The guiding principles are straightforward: they will remain exchange and asset neutral.

TabTrader achieved 1.6M downloads and 400K, active users, on its Android and iOS apps without using paid user acquisition or promotion, making it the market leader in the exchange aggregation sector with 5X the user base of its nearest competitor.

What’s more, TabTrader supports 90,000 user-connected API credentials for placing orders, canceling orders, and monitoring accounts. That represents 2% of all cryptocurrency traders worldwide.

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