Saros, the DeFi Super-Network Built on Solana

Introducing Saros, the all-in-one decentralized and permissionless platform that allows you to trade, stake, and invest with minimal costs, high efficiency, and the best experience possible.

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Project Introduction

Saros Finance is a Solana-based Unified Suite of DeFi Products made up of three main components: SarosSwap (AMM), SarosFarm (Pool), and SarosStake (Staking), with SarosSwap serving as the ecosystem’s heart.

What makes Saros different from others?

Permissionless: Anyone can create a liquidity pool on SarosSwap. 

Capital efficiency: Optimized pricing formula for better capital efficiency

Low cost: Average transaction fee less than a penny

Composability: High performance – able to process at scale -without sacrificing security and decentralization

Friendly UI/UX: Beautiful interface from the ground up

Scalability: Ultra fast transaction with low latency, at scale

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Saros Swap is a Solana-based decentralized automatic liquidity protocol that allows users to trade SPL tokens. Retail investors will flock to Solana as a result of SarosSwap’s price discovery.

Other AMMs on the market, such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap, employ the same x*y=k formula as SarosSwap. SarosSwap will stand out from the competition due to its focus on UX/UI and Gamification.

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Growing the assets’ liquidity after the project’s launch is one of the most prevalent issues that Builders face. On Solana, project owners are currently required to provide incentives through the use of liquidity mining programs, which fragments liquidity providers by requiring them to continually search for projects with such programs.

To address this issue, we develop SarosFarm, an aggregation platform for several incentive pools that can help projects expand their liquidity quickly and progressively. SarosFarm will lure and engage liquidity providers, resulting in a substantial stream of money while simplifying and speeding liquidity bootstrapping and promoting new Solana initiatives.


SarosStake is a simple system that allows you to stake SAROS to gain more tokens. This functionality is very important for supporters of the project who plan to hold SAROS for a long time.

Users can stake SAROS tokens instead of leaving them idle in their wallets, gaining a variety of rewards. 

Project Tokenomics

The Saros Finance ecosystem revolves around the SAROS coin. Token holders gain Fees, Governance Rights, Airdrops, and participation in Gamification events in exchange for their SAROS tokens.

Saros Token Use Cases

Currently, the SAROS token serves several uses, making it the central component that connects all of Saros Finance’s products. The following are some of the most common use cases:

Receive platform fees.

Participate in Governance activities.

Receive airdrops.

Join Gamification events.

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