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Solanda_Daily hosts Starbots: #Starbots #robots #Solanadaily #solana #NFT

Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome Kien Vuong to the Solana Daily community. How are you?

Kien Vuong: Hi Daley. I’m really excited to be here today.

Solanda_Daily Admin: We’re excited to have you here today to talk about Starbots. Are you ready for the AMA?

Kien Vuong: Sure.

Q1: Please introduce the “Starbots” project to the community. What is it about? Why did the Team decide to create such a project?

Kien Vuong: Sure thing, I would be more than happy to introduce Starbots to you guys.

Starbots is the first-ever playable robot battle NFT game on Solana where players gain profit through strategically assembling their own robots, winning battles, completing missions, and conquering new lands.

We get our inspiration from 2 main things.

Battlebots – the childhood game, where contestants control their armored and technologically-advanced robots through a remote control and battle other robots to win the competition.

Our love with dogs. The main avatar of the game would be a different dog breed with good taste in style.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Interesting concept, so will players have different dog breeds as their avatars? Or is it just the main avatar of the game?

Cause I’m imagining a huge-badass robot with a dog avatar on it, it will be hilarious.

Kien Vuong: Of course, the players will have different dog breeds as their avatars.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Oh my haha, alright, I love it.

Q2: What about the Team? Can you walk us through some of your team members’ experience?

Kien Vuong: The Starbots team is a combination of master game creators & blockchain experts.

The gameplay itself is created by Gamee Studio, a studio with games on top of the U.S Google store. Thus, the developers of Starbots have years and years of experience in creating games and understand the main points to make a game successful.

The blockchain integration is supported by TomoChain, one of the reputable projects in the field as well. Thus, our transition into crypto becomes easier as we’ve already had that understanding regarding what the community really wants.

Also, Starbots has a lot of notable advisors, namely Calvin Chu from Impossible Finance, Will Robinson from Defi Alliance, Bored Elon – a well-known influencer for tech enthusiasts, and Long Vuong – CEO and founder of TomoChain Lab.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Fantastic!! I mean the gameplay of NFT Game or GameFi plays an enormous role in the success of a project. Lots of “NFT Games” or “GameFi” out there only care about the Earning aspect but neglect the interesting gameplay

With an amazing team behind Starbots, I am relieved knowing that it’s gonna be a blast!

Kien Vuong: Thank you.

Q3: Let’s dive into your tokens $BOT. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $BOT use cases?

Kien Vuong: Starbots is going to have a 2-token model for our game. We’re planning to have our BOT token IDO in January of 2022, so please follow us to catch more information about this big event 

In the meantime, I can introduce briefly each token:

GEAR is the in-game token.

Generate GEAR by:

– Completing missions;

– Winning battles;

– Selling body parts.

Use GEAR to:

 – Upgrade levels for the body parts;

–  Open Loot Boxes for new NFTs.

BOT is the governance token

Generate BOT by winning League battles

Use BOT to:

– Vote for in-game features;

– Upgrade levels at some milestones;

– Stake BOT to receive rewards;

– Use BOT for the NFT marketplace.

Players can actually earn GEAR and BOT and swap on exchanges for real money.

Solanda_Daily Admin: I can see there is a voting option when having $BOT. So I guess there will be a DAO ingame also?

Kien Vuong: Yes. That’s right.

Q4: So let’s talk about your backers. Do you want to introduce some of the most renowned backers in the “Starbots” project to the community? And are there any plans to reach new impressive backers in the future?

Kien Vuong: The investors who came across our path all offered tremendous support with strategic advisory and professional business guidance for Starbots’ development. Some of the well-known reputable name includes:

Impossible Finance, Defi Alliance, Solar Eco Fund, Parsiq, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, TomoChain, Good Game Guilds, Real Deal Guild, Gamee Studio, LuaVentures, Kyber Network, Solscan, Kyros Ventures, BigCoin Capital, TK Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, Hub Capital, AU21 Capital, Basics Capital, Formless Capital, Quadhorn Guild, Real Deal Guild

Among many potential investors with whom we have discussed collaboration opportunities, Starbots’ selected partners really stood out due to their convincing connections within the crypto industry, their strong ability to plan and execute branding and marketing strategies, and their insightful recommendations on ecosystem enhancement for the project.

In the future, we will keep finding partners to work with. Right now we’re focused on seeking gaming guilds and incorporating the scholarship program into the Starbots’ ecosystem.

Q5: Where and when can we join the IDO?

Kien Vuong: Starbots IDO will be on triple launchpads: Impossible Finance on 11 Jan, Solrazr on 10 Jan, and LuaStarter on 11 Jan.

You can participate in Starbots IDO here:

– Impossible Finance:

– Solrazr:

– LuaStarter:

Q6: Why did you decide to list $BOT on three Exchanges on two days?

Kien Vuong: We want our Starbots enthusiasts and supporters to have many chances to participate in Starbots IDO, and we want the dates of IDO on different launchpads to be kind of in sync so that people will get prepared for the event.

Q7: In most IDOs, the price is going to be pumped “to the moon” compared to the initial public sale price. So aren’t you afraid that the people who buy the public sale on january 10th may “dump” on the ones buying on January 11th?

Kien Vuong: Not an issue. We have a Token Generation Event (TGE) date, so all people will receive their tokens on the same day.

Q8: I can see that on the Impossible Finance Exchange, there are two options: unlimited and standard sale. Is it intentional by the Starbots Team? If yes, why are there 2 options for the people?

Kien Vuong: Yes it is definitely on purpose. We want to create more opportunities for the people supporting our project. Many Launchpads, many categories, more chances right?

The differences between Unlimited sale and Standard sale is the maximum amount of IDIA Token you can stake:

– Standard sale: you can stake max 10,000 IDIA.

– Unlimited sale: you can stake as much as you want.

The amount of BOT allocation will be decided on:

1. The amount of IDIA you have staked.

2. The amount of time that you have staked IDIA.

Q9: Where can we find out more about “Starbots”?

Kien Vuong:  You can check out STARBOTS socials:

 Website (

 Twitter (

 Discord (

 Telegram Announcement (

 Telegram Chat (

 Medium (

 Whitepaper (

Solanda_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Starbots 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Kien Vuong: Thank you everyone for participating in today’s AMA. Don’t forget we will have IDO on 10-11 Jan. Join our channels so you don’t miss any news from us.

 Website (

 Twitter (

 Discord (

 Telegram Announcement (

 Telegram Chat (

 Medium (

 Whitepaper (

BSolanda_Daily Admin: Can’t wait for the IDO!! Thank you so much for joining this AMA with the community. We wish you a successful IDO.

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