Seasocorns, the First African Project on Solana With Meaningful Charity Purpose


“Seasocorns” is the most recent example of animal-based NFTs. On Nov. 18, Seasocorns, a collection of unicorn NFTs on the Solana blockchain, went live for minting. However, due to consultation with different individuals in the community, they decided to pause the mint on 2nd Dec. This was to allow room for criticism and implementation of changes. On 4th Dec,  they announced that the supply and price of the unicorn NFTs would be cut in half for the better of the project. Early minters would be compensated with extra NFTs due to the changes. And now, Seasocorns is a collection with a supply of 3333, all of which are hand-drawn. The mint resumes on 7th December at 7pm UTC. Holders will be able to name their “Seasocorns” and be involved in the NFT project’s future. Also, donations will be made to charities based in Uganda.

Despite the fact that unicorns are mythological creatures, “Seasocorns” is the most recent animal-themed NFT collection. Animal NFTs appear to be a popular choice with NFT artists and collectors alike.

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Story behind Seasocorns

Seasocorns is an NFT project centered on the concept of life as a whole. They came up with a strategy to make life experiences accessible by using similar themes in the stories they tell as a group. These recurring themes are intimately linked to the four seasons of the year: autumn, winter, spring, and summer.

Autumn, commonly known as the mild season, is a relatively difficult or easy time. Winter, with its bitterly chilly temperatures, is the season of trials and tribulations, as well as the most dreaded. Spring, a season of relative quiet and cool, is a season of recovery after hardships as life begins to return to normal. Summer, with its vivid colors and warm temperatures, is a season of joy, happiness, fresh beginnings, and plenty of positive energy.

What makes Seasocorns unique?

Seasocorns is Solana’s first African project, founded by an African.

Seasocorns has a unique backstory.

The artwork is adorable and reflects the founder’s particular art style and touch.

Winter, autumn, spring, and summer are the four seasons in which the Seasocorns will do airdrops.


Seasocorns’ NFT artwork blends background and unicorn traits such as eyes, mouth, body, horn, and tail. Extras are included to boost the NFT’s rarity.

The rarest Seasocorns NFT is #5239, which is followed by #6396, #1591, #5167, and #2426 but this is relative to change as minting will resume on 7th December at 7pm UTC.

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Hand-drawn NFTs by Benjamin Ibanda, an up-and-coming artist from Uganda, Africa. In addition, he is the Founder of Seasocorns. He first came to the NFT location in June of this year, where he collaborated on a project with Alexandrachitu, an NFT photographer.

He also has his own collection called “My 365 days of drawing” on OpenSea, which recounts his journey as an artist who draws every day of the year.

Explore more artworks of Benjamin Ibanda at:  

Season Unicorn Drop

The NFTs in the collection were generated at random from over 130 different hand-drawn attributes, according to the “Seasocorns” website. “In all four seasons, that is, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer,” each holder “shall get an airdrop of NFTs.”

Holders will also have the ability to name their unicorn NFTs as well as provide feedback on the project’s future.

Airdrops for each of the four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. As a method of giving it more individuality and a sense of family, each holder will be able to name their Seasocorns, which will be documented and posted on the internet.

Holders shall enjoy exclusive commercial and personal rights. Tokens will be distributed to holders of other projects that they will assist in launching. Some of the holders will receive special artwork created by some of Africa’s top artists.

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Additionally, Seasocorn holders will be allowed to participate in charity campaigns around Uganda. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to different charities around Uganda that help orphans, lack of shelter, food and education.

Project Roadmap

Season 1

Artwork completion and website development.

Community building and engagement. 

Project partnership with Nifty Slabs. 

Confirmed partnership with Mazer Gaming. 

Civickey verification of team members

Season 2

At 100% sale, designs of the first airdrop begin.

Every Seasocorn holder will receive an airdrop of NFTs in all the four seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. 

Naming of Seasocorns. 

Rarities list updated on website.  

Season 3

Sharing of royalties with holders with 30 or more Seasocorns. 

20% of sales and revenue will go to the community wallet for further development of the project. 

Charity work. 10% of the sales will be going to different charities across Uganda.

Community voting and input.

Seasocorns Merchandise store. 

Season 4

Official launch of Road Map 2.0. 

Official release of a Merch shop by Q1 2022

IRL  event and DAO by Q2 2022

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