Yield Guild Games Partners With MonkeyBall

Monkey NFTs worth 150,000 US dollars was purchased by the popular gaming guild for their scholarship program.

YGG Enters The Monkey Business

Popular play-to-earn gaming guild, Yield Guild Games (YGG), has entered into an agreement with one of the more anticipated projects on Solana, MonkeyBall.

YGG has purchased over 150,000 US dollars worth of Monkey NFTs, the token that make up the characters players use to participate in the game, from MonkeyBall. The official twitter account of the gaming guild announced the partnership on December 13 UTC via twitter, and attached a link leading to a medium post of the announcement.

“A huge fast paced, turn-based arcade soccer game is coming to the metaverse Video game The goal of @monkeyballgame is to be the biggest eSports play-to-earn game and community in the world; And we are here to make that a reality. Read the article below!” Yield Guild Games tweeted.


Currently, MonkeyBall has yet to release their Monkey NFTs for sale, but the NFT sale is scheduled for December 2021. The team has stuck to their roadmap and had a successful initial dex offering that sold out within ten seconds. YGG looks to add the Monkey NFTs to its vast portfolio of digital assets that provide earning opportunities through scholarships administered by the guild. 

What is Yield Guild Games?

Yield Guild Games is a gaming guild from the Philippines that focuses on play-to-earn blockchain games. It started in 2018 when founder, Gabby Dizon, began lending his assets in the popular game, Axie Infinity, to players who cannot afford to purchase their own team. This sparked a trend of helping Filipinos set up an additional source of income that helped them during the global pandemic. Fast forward to today, YGG has built an international network of investors and players looking to onboard millions of people to the play-to-earn metaverse.

MonkeyBall is the latest game YGG has invested in and is added to their digital collection which includes assets in other blockchain games like Axie Infinity, Embersword, Thetan Arena, and so on. YGG looks to build the next generation of eSports metaverse along with MonkeyBall by giving an opportunity to its network of scholars to access and engage with the game.

“MonkeyBall is creating an exciting sports-based play-to-earn gaming experience that weaves interesting cloning mechanics in a skill-based game offering both PVP and PVE modes wherein ensuring your Monkeys have the best DNA will be key. The team is well experienced with both the gaming and blockchain worlds, adding up to what will be a great game with solid economics that will leverage the Solana blockchain.” Sarutobi Sasuke, YGG’s Head of Partnerships, was quoted saying in a medium post.

MonkeyBall is a four on four, turn based, play to earn, soccer arcade game built on the Solana blockchain. Two teams battle against each other in a six rounds per half match with the objective of scoring three goals before the opposing team. Visit their website to know more about the project.

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Source: Solana News https://www.solana.news/post/yield-guild-games-partners-with-monkeyball

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