Twitch Co-Founder Introduces GameFi NFT Marketplace on Solana

Justin Kan revealed Fractal in an elaborate blog post that speaks about the background of monetizing in-game assets and Fractal’s place in the expanding GameFi ecosystem.

Tech Start-Up Founders Arrive to Solana

The co-founder of Twitch, Justin Kan, revealed Fractal on Dec. 13, expressing surprise that he is a founder of another project yet again.

Along with unveiling the basics of the marketplace through a Medium blog post on Dec. 12th, Kan spoke about his personal experience with the roots of the monetization of in-game assets with the game Ultima Online. He mentioned the paradigm shift from Ultima Online’s in-game assets selling on eBay to Fortnite making $9 billion in revenue from selling skins.

“We see ourselves creating infrastructure for emergent use cases of NFTs as well, such as the lending/scholarship model in some play-to-earn games. We are starting with the Solana blockchain, as we see the low cost and high speed of transactions as appealing to game creators who want to have a high number of in-game assets,” stated Kan in the Medium.

Source: Fractal Medium

Fractal is an NFT marketplace designed exclusively for gaming NFTs. The team working on the Fractal marketplace is one with remarkable experience in creating technology and leading them. In addition to Kan, the team members revealed at this moment are listed below:

  • Robin Chan: Founder of the mobile gaming company XPD Media that sold to Zynga, where he previously served as the head of Zynga Asia.
  • David Wurtz: Founder of Google Drive and Advisor to Spotify.
  • Mike Angell: E-commerce veteran with experience at Fast and Spotify

What is Fractal

Fractal is a gaming NFT marketplace that is building on the Solana blockchain network. Gamers will be able to discover, buy and sell GameFi NFTs on Fractal, which facilitates both a primary market and secondary market for these assets. The marketplace plans to create use-cases for NFTs as well, such as a lending/scholarship model in PlayToEarn games, etc.

Find more about Fractal here:

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Discord

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