Solana & Opera Join Forces to Bring Integration in Q1 2022

One of the world’s most used browsers is delving deeper into Web 3.0 with dApp deployment through the Solana integration.

Opera Ropes in Solana for Web3.0

Opera announced on Dec. 10 that the browser is teaming up with the Solana blockchain to introduce support for Solana Decentralized Applications (dApps) on Web3.

The integration will allow Android users of the browser to access Solana-based dApps enabled by low-fees and fast transactions in the ecosystem. Users of the browser will be able to utilize these features in Q1 2022.

“Solana has the goal of onboarding one billion people to crypto. That’s a goal we share. No other browser company has been at the forefront of web3 as early on as Opera. We are thrilled to be collaborating moving forward,” said Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, in the official press release of the integration’s announcement. 

Source: Opera Press

“The path to 1 billion users can’t be built by just two or three platforms. This integration will give tens of millions of new users even more choices of how to connect to Solana and work to keep the dream of the open web alive and well. The mobile web3 revolution has barely just begun, and Opera is helping lead the way,” said Austin Federa, the head of communications at Solana Labs, about the development.

Solana is fast becoming the choice of blockchain ecosystem for browsers looking to enable their users to access Web 3.0 features and innovations. As previously reported by Solana.News, the Brave browser announced their partnership with Solana Labs at the BreakPoint Conference in Lisbon on Nov. 8.

What is Opera

Opera is a leading web browser that has a growing user base of hundreds of millions of monthly active users. The browser is now leveraging its 25 years of extensive experience with browser products to delve deeper into Web 3.0 and decentralized applications (dApps). Back in 2013, Opera introduced the first browser that had a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and offered Web3.0 support.

Source: Solana News

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