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Binance Lawsuit: SEC Alleges Securities Status for Solana, Polygon, and Cardano

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) unveiled a high-profile lawsuit against Binance on Monday, targeting not only the exchange but also its CEO Changpeng Zhao. The charges against them include commingling customers’ funds and attempting to evade U.S. securities laws using “sham controls” for determining business partnerships. Altcoins Also in SEC’s Sights In addition to[Read more…]

Kana Labs Is Bringing Cross-Chain Swaps, Aggregation to Solana and Aptos

Kana Labs is buliding a multi-functional cross-chain aggregator platform, starting with Solana and Aptos, with future plans for EVM-compatible chains. Kana Labs on Solana, Aptos, Neon, Shardeum Kana Labs is an emerging Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project aiming to break down walls between blockchains, regardless of whether they are Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible or not. Kana Labs’ aggregator protocol[Read more…]

No Crypto Bros: PussyDAO Is Where Punk Rock Meets Hyperfemininity

PussyDAO is a new NFT project on Solana founded as both an artist collective an business. BSC News talked to founder Izzy Howell. PussyDao Roars on Solana A 2019 report on the “State of Diversity and Inclusion in Blockchain” said (2019) that all-women founding teams accounted for only 8.2% of venture-backed crypto and blockchain companies. In defiance[Read more…]

Solana FPS Game EV.IO Lands on Jerseys of ESports Team Luminosity

Solana blockchain game EV.IO partners with ESports team Luminosity, strengthening the connection between FPS games on Web2 and Web3. EV.IO Sponsors ESports Team Luminosity The logo for Solana blockchain game EV.IO now appears on the right sleeve of the jersey of traditional ESports team Luminosity. The jersey was revealed in a Tweet last week. Luminosity is an[Read more…]

5 Most Profitable Solana NFT Projects in 2022 That You Don’t Want to Miss

As Solana attempts to capture the Ethereum market, we explore the five most successful NFT collections on Solana in 2022. NFT Scalability With Solana As Solana has grown in popularity, a part of the Ethereum network’s activity has migrated to this blockchain with lower gas fees. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one of the key growth areas of[Read more…]

Star Atlas Gives Users ‘a Taste of the Metaverse’ With Epic Games Demo

Solana AAA blockchain game Star Atlas released a sneak peek of its GameFi metaverse via the Epic Games Store for NFT owners, along with other updates. Star Atlas Metaverse on Solana The launch date of Star Atlas, one of the most anticipated AAA games on the Web3, is still unknown. However, there’s no need to[Read more…]

Solana NFT Sales Cool After Surpassing Ethereum’s for First Time

A major uptick in Solana NFT sales volume saw its USD sales briefly surpass Ethereum’s for the first time ever on Sept. 6. A major uptick in Solana NFT sales volume saw its USD sales briefly surpass Ethereum’s for the first time ever on Sept. 6. A large uptick in Solana NFT sales volume and[Read more…]

Phantasia Sports Kicks Off NFL Fantasy Season

Phantasia Sports brings fantasy gaming to the Solana blockchain. With the recent NFL kickoff, the fantasy football season is in full swing. Phantasia’s Fantasy Season Begins On Sept. 9, the Buffalo Bills blew away the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams in a game that ended in a 31-10 score. That signaled the start of the 2022 National Football[Read more…]

Tearing Spaces NFT Battle Game Drops Alpha Version on Solana

The Alpha version of Tearing Spaces has dropped on Solana. Gamers use NFT weapons to battle their way through dungeons and against other players. Tearing Spaces Game on Solana The Alpha version of Tearing Spaces, an NFT PlaytoEarn game, has dropped on Solana. Gamers battle their way through dungeons in a 3v3 battle mode — in the Alpha with[Read more…]

Marinade Finance Launches Liquid Unstake on Solana

Marinade Finance users can now instantly unstake their SOL coins staked on any Solana validator in exchange for a 0.3% instant unstake fee. Marinade Finance 101 on Solana Billed as the first non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on Solana, Marinade Finance on Sept. 8 announced the launch of “Liquid Unstake,” which lets its users instantly unstake their SOL coins staked on[Read more…]