DeFi Direct Hosts Trio from Francium for Livestream

The DeFi protocol on Solana hope to breed a new generation of smarter DeFi Degens for Solana.

Francium Trio Visits DeFi Direct

Welcome back for another edition of the DeFi Direct livestream. This go-around we’re happy to welcome another top and burgeoning protocol from the Solana Network, Francium. The livestream will go live on Dec. 15 at 17:00 UTC.

Greg, Goon Trades, our loyal DeFi Direct host, will have his hands full as a trio of members from Francium have confirmed to be in attendance. The three members who will be joining are Core Team members and Co-Founders Mike Z. and Tony L., as well as Neon, the Community Manager.

You won’t want to miss this upcoming stream, so don’t forget:  Dec. 15 at 17:00 UTC on the DeFi Direct Youtube Channel. 


Who is Francium

The three members joining from Francium have been around blockchain for more than four years, each getting a start in a relative field like blockchain & internet finance. The crew comes to Francium having learned considerably about blockchain algorithm research and implementation experience. 

The diverse backgrounds brought them all together at the Solana Hackathon in May 2021, where the founders, Mike and Tony, began writing their first lines of code. After receiving the first runner-up of Asia and kin prizes, the founders are ready to bring sky-high APYs to the DeFi Degens of Solana.

What is Francium

Francium is an innovative leveraged yield aggregator built on Solana. The Decentralized Finance protocol brings users continuously high APYs through diverse community strategies. Users on Francium can jump around using different farming strategies with up to 3x leverage so they can maximize profits. Francium offers numerous products with different roles on the platform.  Apart from farming, users are also able to lend via the Lending Pool with stablecoins like USDC. 

Where to find more about Francium

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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