The Slow Patrol Explains Their Focus

In an AMA with us here at Solana News, the project detailed their main focus and explored the work ethic of their team.

The Slow Patrol Joins Us

On December 13th, Solana-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project The Slow Patrol joined us here at Solana News for an AMA.

The AMA started with an introduction of The Slow Patrol’s team and their roles, then dived into an explanation of what the project is and its goals. The Slow Patrol’s speaker, Slothy, also explained a little about the work ethic of the team and how the project was built.


Longevity and Community Prioritization 

Slothy explained to our host Andrew that building trust with their community was crucial to growing their ecosystem.

“We are just basically building trust in the Community. By building products or by building services and by delivering and basically answering to the community with what we promised in our road map,” Slothy commented.

Slothy explained that marketing was not as much of a priority for The Slow Patrol as building a strong bond with their community, although they have plans to increase marketing initiatives over time.

Community Announcement

Slothy revealed that The Slow Patrol would be introducing votes on upgrades for the collection to their community. Slothy emphasized that because The Slow Patrol is a community-first project, they wanted to get their community involved and maintain full transparency.

“[The votes are about] bringing value to the whole community and not just something that will satisfy us,” he explained.

What is The Slow Patrol?

The Slow Patrol is an NFT collection based on the Solana blockchain. The collection is made up of 6,969 Sloths, each with their own set of variable traits.

Beyond simply being collectibles, Sloths serve as excellent passive income generators. With a host of different rarities (plus the chance to get the extremely exclusive Mega-Sloths), The Slow Patrol offers users a slew of ways to put their NFTs to work for them.

Source: Solana News

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