Mean Finance Delay Launch One Week

Mean DAO launch delayed but Co-Founder remains hugely optimistic.

Web3 Project Mean DAO Launch Rescheduled

After revealing their initial launch date Mean DAO has pushed back the date for a further week.

The launch will now take place on December 22nd at 15:00 UTC. In an official announcement on their Medium page on December 14th, the team was upfront with reasons they had identified for delaying the launch. 

“The crypto markets have taken a fall and have not yet recovered,” the article read. It added: “the Solana network has experienced some growing pains, and the Solana team and validator network are working to restore full throughput capacity.”


The move will of course not have been ideal for the team and we spoke to Mean DAO Co-Founder Michel Triana to gain a clearer understanding of the decision.

“As an important team player, the last thing the MeanFi team wanted was to launch under adverse conditions for our community, and the Solana network. The benefits of delaying our launch for 7 days, far outweigh the risks of doing as scheduled, on a stressful time for the network and the markets.” Triana revealed before adding a good degree of optimism, “We are glad the community has been receptive to the change, and shares the feeling that WAGMI.”

Michel Triana was open in explaining the huge scale Solana has been dealing with and remains hugely optimistic, even if strategically delaying launch.

”Solana is many orders of magnitude ahead of the next chain in terms of scale. We are a young network, and it’s ok if during our years of growth we understand the importance of a pause. Still, a congested Solana network manages to handle more transactions than all other EVMs put together. Our immune system will get better, and we’ll be stronger and more resilient every passing day,” Triana said.

Solana News will be following closely to see how Mean DAO’s launch performs, and if they can continue going from strength to strength. 

What is Mean DAO

Mean DAO governs the development of MeanFi on the financial backbone on web3 and DeFi technologies, with a non-custodial, permissionless, and trustless banking application, where anyone can build their own money legos as they need to deposit, store, exchange, invest, transfer, and withdraw their money with the ease of traditional finance.MeanFi is a self-custody, permissionless and trustless web3 banking application powered by the Mean Protocol, and facilitates everyday banking and retail investment banking workflows to people and businesses around the world.

Source: Solana News

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