How to Track NFT Prices on Solana Using Web 3 Data Sites?,, and are websites that can be utilized to track NFT markets on Solana.

Track SOL Based NFTs on These Sites

Solana has become one of the most widely utilized blockchain networks to mint and buy NFTs ever since its launch in April 2019.

As per data from Solanalysis, the total market capitalization of NFTs on Solana is currently at $550.96 million with a $12.19 million 24 hrs volume with 154 unique NFT collections.


Solanalysis built their feature NFT Flex, a showcase and tool that help investors figure the value of their NFTs in their own wallet or another wallet using the search function on the platform. It uses proprietary models to estimate the value of an NTF whenever possible and reveal the floor price for collection where the data is available, but a reliable value estimate can’t be produced. NFT Flex is currently is a work in progress.

Source: Solanalysis

Solana Floor

Solana Floor is an NFT analytics dashboard that enables users to track the prices of NFTs. For each collection, the platform gives users 5 essential pieces of information:



Floor price

Average price

Total Floor Value

Source:  Solana Floor Website


HowRareIs is a platform that enables users to track how rare their Solana NFTs really are. The platform tracks over 205 collections, with over 1.03 million items and 157.83k holders.

For each collection, the platform tracks 6 basic metrics for collections on their home page, which are:

Floor price

Number of items in the collection


Items on sale

% on sale

Floor MC


Within each collection, users can filter collections with various rarity features and attributes for which the user can filter out each individually.

What is Solana Labs?

Solana Labs is a software company credited with the creation, development, and maintenance of the Solana blockchain network. The network has become one of the prominently used ecosystems to interact with NFTs. The market capitalization of SOL token is $51.15 billion, as per data from CoinGecko, with a 24 hours trading volume of $2.18 billion and a circulating supply of 307,790,744 tokens.

Source: Solana News

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