Star Atlas Crosses Out Another Box on Their Roadmap

Score, the Star Atlas Mini Game, set to be released on December 16, 2021.

SCORE – Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions

Star Atlas takes a step in the right direction as they journey on completing their roadmap.

The journey into space became one step closer as Star Atlas, the play to earn project built on the Solana blockchain, has set a release date to their mini game, SCORE. The game is set to be released on the 16th of December this year and is the first feature within their metaverse that will make use of their NFT ships. The official Star Atlas twitter account broke the news on December 11 UTC and also retweeted a guide to the mini game made by one of their guilds.

“Ladies & Gentlemen, the news you’ve all been waiting for:The very first aspect of the @staratlas minigame (aka SCORE) is going to be released next Friday, December 16th! Read all about SCORE in our guide:” Star Atlast retweeted from Aephia Industries, one of the Star Atlas Guilds.


Building a good game takes time. And though the release of the final version of the game is still a bit down the road, Star Atlas has already sold a few ships, as well as other collectibles, to players as part of their Galactic Asset Offering. SCORE rewards these early adopters to wipe the dust off their ships and use their NFTs even before the game is fully released. It provides a fun and competitive way for players to start their journey for inter galactic dominion.

What is SCORE?

SCORE or Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions allows players to send their ships on expeditions to earn tokens along the way. Players just need to supply the ship’s food, fuel, and ammo, all of  which will be made available on the marketplace, so that the ship and its crew can continue on their expedition.

At the very core of this minigame, it is essentially a staking feature with a bit of a twist. But as Star Atlas continues to journey on their roadmap, we can expect that this mini game will continue to evolve as more features get introduced. This guide by on of Star Atlas’ guilds, Aephia Industries, talks more in depth about SCORE.

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Source: Solana News

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