The Elite Legion – How One NFT Provider is Raising an Army

The project taps into culture and history in a seamless blend with blockchain technology.

Introducing The Elite Legion

The Elite Legion is a new NFT collection based on the ancient terracotta army of the legendary Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Like the terracotta army, Elite Legion is a grand undertaking.

“We knew we wanted to do something epic with our NFT collection and that’s what drew us to the Terracotta Army. Imagine the devotion it must have taken to create an army to take to the afterlife. We wanted to create something that inspirational too. An army so unique, it could capture the imagination of the whole world,” said Madbull of the Elite Legion Team.

Top Ranking

Like any great army, the Elite Legion is broken down into different ranks. In the Elite Legion each rank also means a specific rarity; these are Generals, Captains, Commanders, and Warriors.

  • Generals: There are just three generals in the entire Elite Legion and each one is worth 1,000 warriors. In the collection these are referred to as the Super Rare OFC.
  •  Captains: Under the generals there are just 30 captains each of which are the equivalent of 100 warriors. Captains are known as Rare SF in the Elite Legion collection.
  • Commanders: Below the captains stand the commanders in the Elite Legion there are 300 Commanders each of which are worth ten warriors. These are the collection’s uncommon items.
  • Warriors: Every army needs warriors and at the lowest ranks stand these proud soldiers. There are 2,667 warriors in the Elite Legion, and they comprise the commons in the set.

The Spoils of War

The collection operates a random minting process which is already underway. Buyers mint tokens via their Phantom Wallets thus creating their unique warrior.

If they’re fortunate enough to get a high-ranking officer, like a captain, a commander, or even a general, the token will generate revenue every time a lower ranked warrior is minted. In addition to that, even warriors carry the potential to earn passive income as each token translates to value in shares.

A warrior is worth one share while a Captain is worth 300. Tokens can earn royalties in much the same way shares do and of course tokens can be traded and sold like any other assets.

The Art of War

Generating income and growing in value is impressive, but the Elite Legion also offers stunning hand-drawn, 3d rendered designs. Each token boasts a unique set of attributes with rarer officers having precious metal features.  

Sign-Ups Have Begun

The Elite Legion is minting now and the group is teasing a slew of updates for next year. These include a King, a Queen and a host of campaigns. To join the Elite Legion you can start minting here now

For more information about the project, check out their website and social media channels: 

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. 

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