Nekoverse Details Their Economic Model and Inspirations

In an AMA with us, the Nekoverse team detailed their in-game economy, gameplay, and project inspirations.

Nekoverse Joins Us

On November 8th, Nekoverse joined us at Solana News for an AMA. The AMA was centered around an introduction of their platform. Topics included their token model and tokenomics, inspirations, gameplay, and how the team plans to maintain their project success across the long-term.

Nekoverse co-founders Tyren and Leo were the representatives in the AMA, while our host Andrew led the conversation.


Dual-Token Model

The team explained why they rely on a dual-token model to power the platform. The $ASG token is utilized as their in-game currency and is used strictly in-game, with the option to earn passive income from staking.

The $NVS token is used as a project governance token as well as for in-game governance and staking. 


The team explained that their inspiration for their game design came from the Pokemon RPG video game series. The gameplay is set up as a turn-based Player-VS-Everyone (PVE) format, where players use Nekos (Non-Fungible Token monsters) to battle each other. Each Neko has typings (elements) that have varying levels of effectiveness against each other, similar to Pokemon. Players can level up their Neko NFTs and build a team based around specific strategies.


The team seeks to utilize their dual-token model and strong tokenomics to maintain project longevity. The extensive in-game economic activities and community-driven governance ensure that the project is guided by its community. This will maintain its user base as there are incentives for continued involvement and interaction with the Nekoverse economy.

About Nekoverse

Nekoverse is an NFT-based GameFi project on the Solana blockchain. The platform is an MMORPG built into a metaverse, where players can interact and earn income. 

The platform is entirely decentralized with a full-scale in-game economy. With inspiration from monster-taming games like Pokemon, Neokverse seeks to build a comprehensive ecosystem with a full in-game economy.

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Source: Solana News

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