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The $PRIME token will be launched on May 12th, 2022 by SolanaPrime, the Solana-powered, completely decentralized IDO launchpad platform, offering you the finest opportunity to join the Solana Ecosystem.

Project Introduction

SolanaPrime is a completely decentralized IDO launchpad platform powered by Solana. It serves as the major market entry point for Solana’s next generation of DeFi, GameFi, and Metaverse DApps.

SolanaPrime was created as the ultimate launchpad with built-in solutions to address the scalability and efficiency issues that plague conventional launchpad designs. To safeguard investors and ensure maximum capital efficiency, the SolanaPrime team created a one-of-a-kind insurance fund. They have added accessible tier allocations to boost token velocity and make staked PRIME capital more useful. SolanaPrime has also created a $SPIX pool that will hold a basket of all tokens that have IDO’d on SolanaPrime, allowing the community to invest in a less risky portfolio index token for all projects that launch on the platform.

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SolanaPrime is providing solutions to the difficulties raised by the rapidly growing launchpad industry. It aims to become the most efficient, venture-funding Web3 platform available, fueled by academic expertise and innovation.

SolanaPrime’s special powers

PRIME Smart Tiers

The Pool Weight Multiplier, Pool Odds Multiplier, Distribution Balancer Factor, and Tail Balancer are all part of this system.


Every project that debuts on the SolanaPrime platform and IDOs on the platform will donate a portion of their tokens to the SolanaPrime SPIX Pool. The $SPIX token will be issued by this pool, and its value will be fundamentally supported by the basket of IDO tokens that underpin it. Users will be able to redeem the underlying tokens for a premium.

PRIME Charge

PRIME unstake is accompanied with a fee. The fee is burned.


PRIME is a system that allows users to vote on system settings, propose improvements, and take other actions.

PRIME Burn Booster

Users can increase the odds multiplier and pool weight by burning PRIME proportionally. The impact lasts for one IDO The Burn Booster is a far more cost-effective alternative to purchasing the needed amount of PRIME for the same weight and multiplier.


$PRIME is more than simply a utility token; it provides you access to the full SolanaPrime ecosystem. It has a deflationary burning process as well as built-in incentives for continual, long-term value increase.

From the moment you stake your $PRIME:

You become a member of the SolanaPrime project and get access to IDOs on the launchpad.

You become a member of the community and have the opportunity to participate in SolanaPrime’s governance by voting on various initiatives and ideas.

You’ll start earning $SPIX tokens, an index token that reflects fractional virtual ownership of a diversified portfolio made up of a proportion of all tokens successfully launched on the SolanaPrime launchpad.


SolanaPrime is hosting a campaign to support and reward early PRIME stakers who contribute to the project for the long term. SolanaPrime does this by providing them a chance to double their staked tokens (also known as the booster). Make sure to check out SolanaPrime’s social media channels to learn more about the campaign

Furthermore, through staking users can get access to $SPIX. You basically hold a share in the token asset basket of every SolanaPrime incubated/launched projects the instant you possess $SPIX. You will still be involved in the future of the Solanaverse if you own $SPIX tokens, regardless of whether you engage in IDOs or not.

If $PRIME is the key to gaining privileged access to the Solanaverse and its endless future possibilities, $SPIX provides real-time exposure to the total worth of all SolanaPrime projects.

$SPIX is an index token that represents fractional virtual ownership of a diversified portfolio made up of a proportion of all tokens that have successfully launched on the SolanaPrime launchpad.

Every project that incubates and launches on SolanaPrime will pay a fee to the SolanaPrime SPIX Pool equivalent to a percentage of the tokens available for the IDO.

The larger and more diverse the token pool backing the $SPIX token gets as more projects are established.

All $PRIME stakers on SolanaPrime receive $SPIX tokens on a pro-rata basis, which means that the more and longer you stake, the more you will be rewarded.

With the proviso that the reward rate per second will progressively diminish over time, and the APY earned for staking $PRIME will decrease proportionately, $SPIX provides its users with exposure to all projects listed in the past, as well as those that will be included in the future.

Tier Structure

The SolanaPrime launchpad has five levels of participation. They are responsible for providing suitable advantages for PRIME token staking amounts:

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