Tiny Colony Announce Second Project HODL

Interested participants have until May 10 to join the resource management GameFi project’s event.

HODL Your Characters

Tiny Colony, a Solana based PlayAndEarn blockchain gaming project, is currently hosting their second Project HODL event for Character NFTs.

The team reminded its community that an event for their character NFTs is taking place through a tweet on May 5. Users who will look to participate in the event have until 7pm UTC on May 10 to start building up their Character NFT collection. The more NFTs held, the greater the possible reward users can get. Web3Wire reached out to the team to get to know more about the Project HODL event. 

“We’re so proud of how our characters turned out, they’re absolutely incredible. We wanted to bring back a Tiny fam favorite called Project HODL which incentivizes holding and filling your bags with Tiny Colony Characters,” Trevor Adolf, Tiny Colony’s VP for Marketing told Web3Wire. “This has already had a great effect on the floor price of the Characters and we’re looking forward to giving out Rare and Epic Characters as rewards to our loyal community.”


As of writing, the floor price of the NFT characters in the Tinyverse stands at 0.69 SOL. After a successful Character NFT mint that took a toll on the Solana network, the team looks to aid the process of finding new owners for Characters NFTs that have been listed on the marketplace. Participants holding 10 – 19 Character NFTs stand a chance of acquiring a Rare Character NFT, while those holding 20 or more are eligible to win an Epic Character NFT. The first version of the event featured the project’s newly airdropped NFTs called Tiny Pets. 

Check out Tiny Colony’s Medium post for more details on their Project HODL event.

What is Tiny Colony:

Tiny Colony is an expansive pixelated metaverse built on the Solana blockchain where players can construct their colony. Colonies built and managed correctly can earn tokens by joining quests or participating and wagering in battles. Spend those tokens purchasing more NFTs for your colony or repairs of your base after a battle.

Where to find Tiny Colony:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

Source : web3wire.news

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