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Sham, Core Dev at SolanaNFTLaunchpad, outlined the platform’s upcoming mint and goals.

Making the Mint Right

On January 13th, SolanaNFTLaunchpad joined us for a Twitter Spaces AMA. The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project has had a busy start to the year, with their public mint facing phishing attacks. The team is reimbursing all users who were affected by the phishing in their Membership Collection Launch with 5 NFTs.

“Users continue to fall for phishing scams no matter the warning platforms give. We look to be the middleman to monitor ” Sham, Core Dev at SolanaNFTLaunchpad explained on Twitter Spaces.

The mint is still open at the time of writing on Jan.14th with a total mint of 40,000 at .5 SOL. NFTs will be used to grant membership to the platform. Sham took to Discord to assure users that there were plans if the mint didn’t sell out in 24 hrs

Enforcing Legitimate NFT Launches

SolanaNFTLaunchpad aims to offer an extra layer of research and enforce efficiency in NFT markets. Sham explained that they take a deposit for each incubated project in the Twitter Spaces. This ensures a floor price of 20% of the initial mint price according to the Solana NFT Pad website.

The team also performs KYC on projects and other basic due diligence methods. Sham was quick to reassure that it allowed for a much safer and user-friendly Solana NFT Experience. Further, the website describes Public Fund Regulation which locks up the raised funds from an incubated mint.

The goals of SolanaNFTLaunchpad look to solve a lot of issues the froth in NFT markets has brought to the space. Users are faced with a plethora of mints each day and many lack performance. This is what the team is addressing, in hopes of giving new SOL ecosystem projects a breath of fresh air.

SolanaNFTLaunchpad Website

About SolanaNFTLaunchpad

SolanaNFTLaunchpad is a Solana-based NFT launchpad. The team aims to provide a more safe and user-centric onboarding to the NFT environment.

The website outlines that the team will undergo extensive audits on incubated NFT projects. The team locks mint funds on a schedule and collects a 20% deposit to enforce a price floor and team development.

The project faced phishing issues in its official mint, as outlined in the Spaces. To make things right all participants were granted a Mia NFT. All users who were phished are to receive 5 NFTs from the team allocation.

The collection is a total of 40,000 NFTs that grant access to launchpad events.

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