Decentralized Derivatives Exchange 01 Announces Mainnet Launch

01 Exchange will launch this month, featuring both Perpetual Futures and Power Perpetuals for the first time on Solana.

O1 Exchange Set Mainnet Launch Date 

After much speculation, Solana-based decentralized derivatives platform 01 Exchange looks to launch later this month. The protocol, upon mainnet launch, will offer both Perpetual Futures and Power Perpetuals (SQUOL) built on Serum. 

The protocol’s Official Tweet thread on January 13th disclosed that the mainnet launch would officially go live on January 27th. 01 Exchange also wrote on the thread that the team put so much effort over the past months to develop one of the best derivatives exchange protocols in the crypto space. 

“01’s officially going to mainnet on January 27th. And we’re excited to offer both Perpetual Futures and the first ever orderbook based Power Perps #SQUOL built on @ProjectSerum, only on @solana,” O1 Exchange tweeted excitedly. 

The protocol will first launch Perpetual Futures with deep liquidity, supporting 100 derivatives markets and 50 collaterals. Additionally, the product will be supported by top trading firms that will provide deep liquidity to 01 Exchange traders. 


After launching Perpetual Futures, 01 Exchange will become the first platform to offer Power Perpetuals on its limit order book. The Twitter thread says SQUOL offers squared returns, option-like exposure, powered by Solana and Serum. 

Furthermore, 01 Exchange will share more announcements, including partnerships and opportunities for users to get involved after launch. We anticipate the 01 Exchange mainnet launch, accompanied by two unique products. Read the protocol’s January 13th Medium post to learn more about both products, including the full mainnet release schedule. 

What is 01 Exchange? 

01 Exchange is a full-suite decentralized derivatives exchange, offering a platform to trade both Perpetual Futures and Power Perpetuals for the first time on Solana. In addition, both products will enable cross-margining across both Futures (Perps) and Options-like (Powers) positions, powered by a fully on-chain limit order book experience through Serum. 

Where to find 01 Exchange: 

Website | Twitter | Discord

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