Raydium Introduces 1st Dune Analytics Bounty

Since the announcement of the bounty, there have been eight submissions that have several different splices and cuts of data that could be leveraged by analysts and investors alike.

Raydium to Get Dune Dashboard

Raydium is attempting to get its community involved in the creation of an analytics and research dashboard.

The Solana-based Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol announced on April 5 that there is now a bounty for analysts and users that can develop an analytics dashboard for Raydium on Dune Analytics. The submissions for the bounty incentive will need to include data points like the number of transactions, transaction volume, active wallets, types of instructions, liquidity pool breakdown, total value locked (TVL), transaction failure rate, and reasons at the very least. However, the submissions can have additional interesting metrics that add value to the ecosystem over and above the aforementioned data points.

The team behind the Raydium protocol will evaluate the submissions on Dune Analytics based on the criteria outlined below:

Accuracy & completeness of the data and analysis.

Clarity & readability of the data and its visualizations.

Insights & originality of the analysis.

Source: Raydium Protocol Bounty Page

There is a total prize pool of $6,000 USDC tokens, out of which the first prize is $3,000 USDC while the 2nd and 3rd  prizes are $2,000 USDC  and $1,000 USDC, respectively. Submitters have until April 18 to make their entries at the layer3 page set up by the protocol. This bounty will ensure that there is a comprehensive Dune Analytics dashboard available that will aid cryptocurrency analysts, users, and other investors to get a holistic view of the protocol’s real-time performance, enabling them to make an informed decision.

What is Raydium:

Raydium is an AMM built on the Solana blockchain and utilizes the central limit order book (CLOB) of the decentralized exchange, Serum, to offer fast trades, deep liquidity, and yield earning products to their users. RAY is the native token of the protocol used for farming liquidity pools and staking. At the time of writing, Raydium Finance is ranked in 3rd place in the list of DeFi protocols in terms of TVL on the Solana blockchain ecosystem. The TVL in Raydium stands at nearly $692 million, as per data from DeFiLlama.

Source: Radium TVL Trend

Find more about Raydium Finance here:

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Source : web3wire.news

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