Radiant Wallet Introduces Cost Basis Tracking

The team is making significant strides in distinguishing its wallet product and, in turn, attracting more users.

Seamless Tracking of Crypto Investment

Radiant Wallet has introduced what the team describes as ‘a Robinhood experience in DeFi’ through their latest Cost Basis Tracking initiative. 

As told to Web3Wire by the Solana protocol, they will be introducing a feature on Solana for the first time, allowing users to view their total return and average cost on each token they’ve invested in using Cost Basis Tracking. With the emphasis in the industry still on onboarding prospective users, simplifying Decentralized Finance (DeFi) activity will certainly contribute to ease of use and, as a result, user retention.

“It’s crazy that users have had to go this long without being able to track profit and loss of their crypto investments. Radiant now makes this easy so users can discover, buy, and track their investments all in one spot,” the team told Web3Wire.


Web3Wire is following the development of Radiant Wallet’s product and will be covering the release of the wallet app on Android and iOS.  After securing the Jupiter grant, the team has been very active and continues to work on innovation, with growth still on the horizon. 

What is Radiant Wallet:

Radiant Wallet describes itself as the curator behind the best-decentralized finance, where you can trade and earn money without leaving your phone. A wallet that launched on iOS and is soon to launch on Android indicates its ambitions—allowing participation in minting processes straight via your phone and offering non-custodial, near-zero fees, low prices, and a large token selection—all on mobile.

Where to find Radiant Wallet:

Website | Twitter | AppStore |

Source : web3wire.news

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