Solanart Partners with Dispatch for On-Chain Messaging

The new feature hopes to make bidding easier and adds a social layer directly on-chain. 

Solanart Adds Web3 Messaging Feature

Solanart, the digital asset marketplace on Solana, is partnering with Dispatch Protocol to add on-chain messaging to the platform.

Both the teams announced the partnership on April 9 via Twitter. The development brings the first messaging experience for a Solana Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace. Users can now contact other users through their Solana public address to negotiate deals and discuss their prized digital collections.

“Wanna talk to a seller before buying their NFT? Want to tell an insulting offer they’re NGMI? Our new On-chain Messages feature powered by @usedispatch now allows you to contact any holder/address, directly from your dashboard!” tweeted Solanart. 

Dispatch is helping communities engage with their members by reaping all the benefits of messaging decentralization. The protocol recently shared a Twitter thread highlighting why internet messaging protocols should be decentralized and use the blockchain. Dispatch argues these qualities nurture freedom of speech, improve resiliency to breakdowns, and leverage composability.


What is Dispatch Protocol:

Dispatch protocol allows the sending of authenticated messages on the Solana blockchain. It’s building a protocol that allows dApps and wallets to communicate with each other in a secure, reliable, and auditable way to catalyze user engagement, retention and acquisition.

Where to find Dispatch:

Website | Twitter

What is Solanart:

Solanart describes itself as the first and largest fully-fledged NFT marketplace on Solana. The marketplace allows users easy access to digital collectibles and provides the opportunity to buy and sell NFTs.

Where to find Solanart:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Instagram | Medium 

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