Radiant Pay Launches Point of Sale App to Make Crypto Payments Easy

Payments are set to become more seamless for both merchants and buyers, and Radiant Wallet is hoping to play an important part in this.

Crypto Payments Made Easier

Radiant Wallet has crafted its latest offering, Radiant Pay, a point of sale web app that makes accepting crypto payments easier, cheaper and faster for merchants.

The project team confirmed the news to Web3Wire and took to Twitter to make the development public on April 8. In less than 5 seconds merchants can integrate their Square account and get set up to accept crypto payments using Solana Pay. 

The defining features that help set the offering apart are as follows:

No Transaction Fees 

Instant Access to Funds 

Accept $USDC & $SOL 

Manage Tax, Inventory, Discounts, etc. 

Integrates with Square

Access on any device

The Radiant team has been readying the product for a long time and is pretty excited to show users how their lives can be made easier.

To complement Radiant Pay… they’ve added Solana Pay support to Radiant Wallet to make it easy for users to simply scan and tap to buy items in seconds.

“To our knowledge we are the only company that offers both a merchant experience and wallet to provide a truly seamless payment experience,” The Radiant Wallet team exclusively revealed to Web3Wire, adding “In the future, we will integrate with more payment providers and eventually provide e-commerce payment functionality.”

The Future of Payment

What the team describes is the path much of the crypto industry is hoping to pave in the very near future. Solana Pay is understood to be a game changing prospect for both merchants and those of us looking to make quick and easy purchases. 

Value for Merchant 

Instant settlement and no credit card fees 

No changes to workflow 

Easy conversion to USD Access to DeFi and NFTs 

Value for Wallet User

Faster check-out experience 

Merchant coupons and incentives 

Access to simplified DeFi

The protocols that can best make use of the offering stand in good stead of tapping into a market that is expected to blow up. Web3Wire will be following how Radiant Wallet progress in this regard. 

“We believe the future of payments is crypto but that for a crypto payment solution to take off it needs to be dead easy for merchants and users,” the Radiant team explains on their Riptide page.

You can begin testing out the merchant POS app, Radiant Pay, here.
For users, you can test out Radiant Wallet on iOS here or on Android here. Android certainly distinguishes them as a project operating on Solana.

What is Radiant Wallet:

Radiant Wallet describes itself as the curator behind the best-decentralised finance, where you can trade and earn money without leaving your phone. A wallet that launched on iOS and Android which indicates its ambitions—allowing participation in minting processes straight via your phone and offering non-custodial, near-zero fees, low prices, and a large token selection—all on mobile.

Where to find Radiant Wallet:

Website | Twitter | AppStore |

Source : web3wire.news

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