mtnPay Opens Floodgates for Solana Pay in Miami

mtnPay novel photo booth offers a glimpse of how all commercial practices could happen on-chain. 

Rooting Mainstream Crypto Commerce

mtnPay debuted on-chain commerce to hundreds of new users with an in-person Non-Fungible Token (NFT) photo booth at Solana Miami Hacker House.

The platform celebrated the exciting development in a Twitter thread on April 9. The photo booth presented a fun way to show off mtnPay’s composability; it leverages Solana Pay’s complex QR transactions to seamlessly drop free POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFTs to attendants. 

“This drop is just the beginning. We have a handful of other features up our sleeve, both for NFTs and merchants. We count this as a massive win and look to improve the experience! Soon you will see how @mtnPay is more than just payments,” hinted mtnPay on Twitter

The Miami Hacker House edition from April 5-10 presented a new round of many exciting projects and brilliant ideas shaping the future of Web3. mtnPay was among the ones that sparked the most interest on-site and online. Phantom Wallet praised the novelty in a tweet, and even Solana Co-Founders Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal tried it out. You can learn more about Solana pay in this Twitter thread.

The Solana Hackerhouse tour will resume on April 24 in the Bahamas and continue in six more cities: LA, Bengaluru, Tokyo, Austin, London, and Barcelona. 

What is mtnPay?

mtnPay (pronounced “Mountain-Pay”) leverages Solana Pay and Square POS services. It uses Solana’s high-speed and low-fee environment to create a decentralized payment infrastructure. 

For merchants, it focuses on delivering more point-of-sale integrations and a more robust user experience. For the Solana dev community, it’s building a framework to enable all aspects of commerce to take place on-chain.

Find out more here:

Website | Twitter 

What is Solana Pay?

Solana Pay is an open protocol for developers with standardized payment specifications to build on and customize, meaning merchants can connect directly or use software built by ecommerce providers, point-of-sale software makers, or payments companies.

Find out more here:‍

Website (For Merchants) | Website (For Devs)

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