Play-to-Earn Project Tiny Colony Announces Land Sale

Colony owners get benefits linked to the governance of the Tinyverse.

Digital Real Estate in the Tinyverse

Tiny Colony, a play-to-earn game built on Solana, announces a Colony sale set for Q1 of 2022.

Additional perks, including voting and decision making rights in the Tinyverse, await players looking to build their colony by purchasing a land NFT. The official Tiny Colony twitter account announced the digital real estate sale on December 17 UTC.

“Own land in the Tinyverse!! Read more about the upcoming Colony Sale. Registration for our IDO with @StarLaunchSOL opens tomorrow. Join our Discord for more info.” Tiny Colony announced.


Aside from the governance benefits, players who own colonies in the Tinyverse set themselves up for other rewards. Land owners get access to staking rewards which are funded from a reward pool generated from Tiny Bazar sales. These players also have the ability to tax other players who use their land.

Into the Tinyverse

The Tiny Colony planet is made up of several factions with unique characteristics attached to each one. Each faction has its own set of continents, environments, quests, characters, and NFTs. There are 7 different factions – Nest, Persian Empire, Samurai lands, Viking Mountains, Sorcerer Hideouts, Scientist Outpost, and Spirit Hotspots – each with varying number of colonies players can purchase. A total of 14,600 colonies are up for sale. Read more about each colony by visiting their blog post

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Source: Solana News

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