New Web3 Marketplace Fractal Unveil Exciting Plans

Fractal has drummed up a lot of intrigue due to its impressive team, and finally revealed aspects of its project in a recent AMA.

Web3 Project Fractal Sets Stall

There has been a lot of excitement built around Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan’s latest venture Fractal, who explained their short term ambitions in an AMA on their Discord on December 17th.

Fractal outlined ambitions to build a huge platform for GameFi projects to be discovered, with a thriving marketplace involving elements that allow users to interact with the gaming universe. The team hoped to launch a huge airdrop that would see the first 100,000 members of their Discord all receive something. Interestingly this will be funded by the actual team themselves, underlining the determination they have for this project. 

“Our goal with fractal is (building) a place where people can discover awesome games. We want to make marketing and PR seamless and support the games in their launch.” Justin Kan said in the AMA before outlining Fractal’s hopes to play an important role in helping Gaming projects “with their infrastructure.“


The team appeared sensitive to the needs of developers and recognized that 2022 is going to herald a huge dawn for gaming innovation on the chain:

“We really want to make sure we’re doing right by game developers,” the team explained. “We started by going on a listening tour and just talking to game developers.. We’ll be highlighting the best stuff, as we wait for the flood of incredible games in six to twelve months.”

When pressed on the possibility of their token, the team remained coy and instead highlighted the fact that they were not simply looking to make a profit. While a Fractal token remains likely at this stage with various use cases being explored, the team explained it had no intention of launching a token for the sake of it. 

The initial signs of the project appear to portray a team that is attentive and earnest in its ambition to build something worthy of uplifting a burgeoning GameFi market and also adding real value to the crypto user experience.

Source: Solana News

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