Mini Royale Becomes First Multiplayer Web3 GameFi Project on Solana

The SOL browser-based FPS has hit the ground running with more features on the way!

The Frontier of Web3 Solana Gaming

Mini Royale Nations has claimed the first mover’s advantage in Web3 gaming on Solana, after launching their multiplayer FPS.

Users can now begin grinding for the in-game currency ORBs while flexing their S1 Viking NFTs in the Miniverse. The game update was detailed on December 17th via Twitter informing users what was included in the first of many releases.

We have been keeping an extensive eye on Mini Royale as the game catches more steam. With over 600,000 monthly active users and 2 million players trying it out, Mini Royale already has an insane following most blockchain games have yet to hit.

There are many features to watch out for, like land sales, PVE gameplay, and pets. Specifically the battlepass will be released next week with mineable NFT rewards. Our latest article details what to look out for according to the recent War Room discussions.

What is Mini Royale?

Mini Royale allows users to compete against players from around the world to earn tokens and rise up the leaderboards. Users can access ‘Clan Wars’ where they battle alongside clanmates in perilous missions and tournaments to bring back ‘untold fortunes’. 

An element of land ownership & control means users can purchase land or seize control of land from other players. There is also an opportunity to build mines, refineries and more to monetize your land holdings. 

Finally, the GameFi project pledges endless creation opportunities; users can form alliances, build cities, and create new game modes and assets. 

Source: Solana News

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