Phantom Mobile Wallet Teased by Solana Co-Founder Raj Gokal

Raj Gokal teases highly anticipated Phantom mobile wallet.

Phantom Mobile Wallet Incoming

Solana’s co-founder, Raj Gokal, teased the Phantom mobile wallet via Twitter on Dec. 18, indicating the mobile version of the wallet is in ‘testing.’

As previously reported by Solana.News, Solflare launched its mobile wallet on the Apple App Store and Google Play on Nov. 6. Along with this development, Phantom had also announced that they would launch the mobile version of their wallet in January next year, with private beta launches to be held during the days. It seems like Phantom is on track for the launch, with the private beta testing undergoing, as revealed in Gokal’s tweet.

“Solana has managed to build a large and fast-growing community of users. The most popular Solana wallet, Phantom, has seen Monthly Active Users (MAUs) grow from 200,000 in August 2021 to 1.2 million in October 2021. Comparing Phantom to the most popular Ethereum wallet, Metamask, Solana user growth is roughly where Ethereum was in October 2020,” stated a report by Grayscale.

Source: Grayscale Report

Grayscale’s report named ‘An Introduction to Solana’ revealed the number of Phantom wallet users had increased 500% from August to October this year. The report also pointed out that if Solana follows the same trend as the Ethereum network’s Monthly Active Users (MAUs) seen on Metamask, Phantom would see a growth of 770% by August 2022.

Source: Raj Gokal Twitter

What is Phantom?

Phantom is a cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension that enables users to manage their cryptocurrency assets and interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the Solana blockchain network. The development of the wallet is backed by eminent investors and venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz of a16z, Solana Ventures, Jump Capital, and Variant.

Source: Solana News

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