Better Yield Farming From Francium

Francium team joined to show how its protocol can help users take on more intelligent and effective trading.

Francium and Smarter Yield Farming

As decentralized finance (DeFi) matures more and more, the ease of accessibility and tools available to users is growing. A great example of precisely this growth is Francium DeFi on the Solana network. A trio of the Francium team joined the DeFi Direct livestream on Dec. 17th to discuss the ways that the protocol is making effective DeFi strategies easier for users.

“We are not a yield farming protocol. We are a yield strategy advocator built on Solana Blockchain,” introduced, Neon, the Community Manager of Francium. 

Neon was joined by the two co-founders, Simon and Mark. Listeners to the podcast should bear in mind the language differences between all parties, where Neon did her best to speak on behalf of the whole team.


“Why we joined the DeFi industry because what is lacking is an efficient and wise use of capital,” Neon explained. “We thought why don’t we find a way to bring efficient and sustainable yield to users.”

The yield strategy concept is a key difference-maker for Francium, where the protocol is on the front foot to make trading strategies easier for users while maintaining a sleek and professional approach. 

Francium gives users a flexible and friendly user interface similar to that of Alpaca Finance on Binance Smart Chain (a protocol with over $1 Billion TVL). The thing is, Francium gives users in-app features that allow them to flex complicated trading strategies like a pseudo-delta-neutral position

“This strategy allows users to take long and short strategies to minimize the effect on your positions,” Neon explained.

Pseudo Delta Neutral positions are a highly sophisticated trading strategy that Francium is bringing to users right in its decentralized application (Dapp). A pseudo-delt-neutral can effectively eliminate all risk in a trading position if used correctly. The user-friendly integrations on Francium are supremely understated. 

The Francium Protocol currently has over $450 Million in total volume locked and acts as a leverage trading protocol giving users different opportunities to lend and borrow a variety of cryptocurrencies. 

Be sure to check out the entire livestream for a tutorial of how the Dapps works, a look into the cross-chain mechanisms, as well as other tips on how to maximize Raydium and Orca trading.

What is Francium

Francium is an innovative leveraged yield aggregator built on Solana. The Decentralized Finance protocol brings users continuously high APYs through diverse community strategies. Users on Francium can jump around using different farming strategies with up to 3x leverage so they can maximize profits. Francium offers numerous products with different roles on the platform.  Apart from farming, users are also able to lend via the Lending Pool with stablecoins like USDC. 

Source: Solana News

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