Phantasia Sports Kicks Off NFL Fantasy Season

Phantasia Sports brings fantasy gaming to the Solana blockchain. With the recent NFL kickoff, the fantasy football season is in full swing.

Phantasia’s Fantasy Season Begins

On Sept. 9, the Buffalo Bills blew away the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams in a game that ended in a 31-10 score. That signaled the start of the 2022 National Football League season. While ardent followers of American football look forward to an exciting 2022 NFL season, Phantasia Sports promises lovers of fantasy football a positive Web3 gaming experience on the Solana blockchain.

Phantasia Sports is a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn platform pioneering peer-to-peer fantasy gaming where gamers can assemble and manage their teams. Phantasia currently offers contests for basketball (NBA), American football (NFL), and the English Premier League (EPL). The platform has an immersive playing interface optimized to suit casual fantasy football gamers or those new to blockchain, as well as crypto/NFT geeks. Gamers on Phantasia can enjoy the thrills of daily or league-style virtual contests and earn crypto or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) when they win.

Phantasia’s vision is to improve traditional Web2 fantasy sports through a Web3 approach. In a video podcast early in the year, BSCNews Co-founder Greg Gotsis ran through the platform with Dan, a core team member at Phantasia. Dan said that what makes Phantasia stand out from existing fantasy gaming platforms is:

A scalable gaming engine powered by the Solana blockchain

Unlike most alternative fantasy game platforms, Phantasia does not charge users entry fees to play fantasy football.

Seamless gameplay onboarding with no crypto learning curve

Smart contracts secure users’ funds.

Gameplay cannot be manipulated.

Dan also touted the project’s mobile app, which he said would give more people access to fantasy games.

“I’m super excited about the mobile app because that’s where many users are, especially in the emerging markets. The growth is going to be insane for the Solana community and Phantasia. Not everyone who might want to play fantasy sports or use Web3 generally has a computer they can utilize. So, having our technology on mobile is great and will drive many new users,” Dan said.

According to NerdBot, the NFL is the most significant fantasy sport in the US, with more than 35 million active players. Such a large fanbase could be a ready market for Phantasia’s blockchain version of fantasy football. The utility token of Phantasia’s ecosystem, $FANT, currently trades at $0.0047, down from January’s all-time high of $0.256. As seen on the Crypto Information website, CoinMarketCap, the project’s fully diluted market cap is about $1.18 million.

To get started with Phantasia, visit their website or download the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

What Is Phantasia:

Phantasia Sports is a decentralized peer-to-peer fantasy sports platform built on the Solana blockchain. The platform offers daily and leagues fantasy contests for sports such as American football (NFL) and NBA Basketball.

Phantasia is backed by prominent venture capitalists, including Alameda Research and Sino Global Capital. Holders of the platform’s $FANT token have governance rights in Phantasia’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Where to find Phantasia:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | LinkedIn | Discord | Facebook | Instagram

Source : web3wire

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