Tearing Spaces NFT Battle Game Drops Alpha Version on Solana

The Alpha version of Tearing Spaces has dropped on Solana. Gamers use NFT weapons to battle their way through dungeons and against other players.

Tearing Spaces Game on Solana

The Alpha version of Tearing Spaces, an NFT PlaytoEarn game, has dropped on Solana. Gamers battle their way through dungeons in a 3v3 battle mode — in the Alpha with AI teammates and opponents — but in the future full version, against other real players.

Tearing Spaces was built on Polygon and launched in October 2022. Developed by a team of animation experts and gaming veterans, the game leverages Polygon Matic and Polygon Studios and is backed by Sino Global Capital.

Sino Global Capital tweeted about the launch of Tearing Spaces in early August by Sino Global Games, its rising market gaming accelerator and incubator. Players can earn in-game tokens by owning a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) weapon and battling it out to the finish, completing tasks, and winning tournaments.

“We felt brave this morning and sent 180+ Alpha invites when the plan was 20-30 per day. Will accept players AT LEAST to Thursday, Sept. 15, 8 AM EST. Cmon and break stuff!” tweeted Tearing Spaces today.

The game has unique anime art and can be played using a game controller (Xbox). Players select a hero and a weapon with a special skill to activate before entering the battle. Then, players battle and kill monsters to advance and reach the final Boss Stage.

The first team to kill the boss wins, but either team can enter portals that appear in the arena and teleport to the opponent’s field of battle to launch an ambush. The strategy depends on the battle situation – do players race to the finish or teleport and sabotage the enemy?

Tearing Spaces is built on the world of Planet Atus, in a universe forged by ancient and powerful Gods – the greatest among them, the good and kind Goddess Atusia.

Source : web3wire.news

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