Amir Haleem – CEO, Nova Labs & Founder, Helium Ep #71

Amir Haleem (CEO, Nova Labs & Founder, Helium) talks with Austin about the Helium story and the current proposal to move Helium to the Solana blockchain.

0:00 – Introduction

1:05 – Origins of the Helium network

5:24 – Early challenges for Helium

7:19 – Helium’s unique growth and economic models compared to other blockchains

11:35 – The geo-specificity of Helium’s rewards

14:18 – Why Helium started on its own L1

16:55 – Current disadvantages of Helium running on its own L1

20:46 – Why the time is right for a Helium migration

24:28 – Why Solana is the best scaling solution for Helium

28:56 – Composability as parts of the Helium network move off chain

30:57 – Solana’s role in supporting amazing applications

32:12 – How a migration will help Helium reclaim its internal engineering power

34:36 – How the upcoming vote will impact Helium validators and hotspot operators

36:27 – How Helium’s migration will open up the Solana ecosystem to its community

37:36 – Recent developments in cellular networks

41:59 – How long will Helium’s migration onto Solana take, and what will it entail?


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Source : Solana Podcast by Apple

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