Mini Royale Nations Season 1 Launch Nears Following Discord War Rooms

The Solana-based Play-To-Earn GameFi project took to two Discord AMA’s and announced that the first aspects of Season 1 will launch this week.

PlayToEarn & GameFi Launching Soon

The popular game is gearing up to progress from beta to full launch, game enthusiasts and NFT hodlers were given a chance to present questions to co-founder Alex Paley and Community Manager, Grawaii on two occasions.

The big news is that Season 1 skins will be available in-game this week with on-chain rewards coming next week! As long as you aren’t a cheater you will be able to begin miniting NFTs via progressing on the Battle Pass.

We attended both of Mini Royale: Nations recent War Rooms, one exclusive AMA Hodler War Room on Dec. 14th and a Discord War Room on Wednesday, Dec 15 @ 1:30pm ETA.

The recent NFT drop from Mini Royale has come when the game is at a crossroads. The game is getting ready for full account resets to set the stage for the full launch. Paley and Grawaii fielded questions from the over 100 hodlers attendees on NFT rarity, NFT staking, game modes––like player vs. environment (PVE) and PlayToEarn––land sales, and much more. 

“I’ve made mid-core games in the past, and this is very much our realm of expertise,” explained Paley. “With Mini Royale being a shooter crossed with a strategy game, this is very much right in our wheelhouse.” 


The reset and NFT features were some of the main questions and commentary. Many users expressed fear of the NFTs losing value, but Paley assured hodlers that they are thinking ahead to ensure that every season drop will have incentives for users to buy.

“We will be creating new NFT incentives and opportunities with each new season so that users will have reasons to keep coming back and playing,” Paley confirmed. “To be sure, there will be no more restarts after Season 1.”

Building a social game is very much the team’s focus at Mini Royale. Paley emphasized several times that social is key to Mini Royale. Nearly all future game mechanics and features will revolve around improving the social aspects, whether that be with clan activities or land improvement opportunities.

With over 600,000 monthly active users and 2 million players trying it out, Mini Royale already has an insane following most blockchain games have yet to hit. As the game moves into its next phase, there are many features to watch out for, like land sales, PVE gameplay, and pets.

One feature that has become increasingly popular and should be one to watch out for is the pets available in the game. So far, the pets attached to certain skins are just for sure, but they could bring future game benefits.

“I can’t say for certain what will happen with the pets. But what I can say is that I personally am collecting them, so that should say something,” Paley teased. “Most likely something in the P2E gameplay, but we’ll see.”

What is Mini Royale?

Mini Royale allows users to compete against players from around the world to earn tokens and rise up the leaderboards. Users can access ‘Clan Wars’ where they battle alongside clanmates in perilous missions and tournaments to bring back ‘untold fortunes’. An element of land ownership & control means users can purchase land or seize control of land from other players. There is also an opportunity to build mines, refineries and more to monetize your land holdings. Finally, the GameFi project pledges endless creation opportunities; users can form alliances, build cities, and create new game modes and assets. 

Source: Solana News

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