Grape Protocol Offers Users Seamless Governance Participation Overview

The new update is made possible thanks to the software development kit from Solrealms.

Governance Participation Made Easy by Grape Protocol

As part of Grape Protocol‘s exciting developments this year, you can now see all of your realm’s proposals from every governance you belong to.

In a tweet from April 8, Grape Protocol informed that the new update works for many protocols, including Grape Protocol, Mango Markets, Project Serum, Bonfida, UXD Protocol, Woof Solana, Le DAO, etc. Kirk, a representative of Grape Protocol, explained that this was all possible because of the software development kit of Solrealms developed by Sebastian Bor.

“What do I see on the Grape Protocol dashboard? Governance? all possible with @solrealms SDK thanks to composable/pluggable @Sebastian_Bor – more deeper integration coming soon 😉 now go participate, you grapers”. Kirk opens up with a tweet.

In May of last year, Grape Protocol was created as a protocol for building and maintaining censorship-resistant communities on the Solana blockchain. Since then, the Grape Protocol team has built communities within the Solana ecosystem either through sponsorships in Solana hackathons, live online sessions, or building community membership tools. 


Further, Grape Protocol launched NFT DEX on February 9 in order to provide Token gating for marketplaces to Grape holders and many other features, as discussed in an earlier article from Web3Wire.  Grape Protocol will also hold DAO sessions in Athens from April 23 to 26.

What is Grape Protocol?

Grape is a Solana-based protocol that provides a toolset for decentralized social networking within the blockchain’s ecosystem. The protocol keeps community first as its guiding principle, with transparency, fairness, and excellence being at the core of its values. The Grape DAO is the governing body of the protocol’s decentralized community.

Find more about Grape Protocol here:

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