Friktion Volts are Live With Collaboration From Dialect

By enabling Dialect, users can receive notifications of Volt earnings in real-time.

Friktion X Dialect: Rewards Notifications

Friktion Volts are now integrated with Dialect, enabling users to track rewards, Epochs, and deposits/withdrawals effortlessly through on-chain notifications.

Dialect made the announcement with a Twitter thread on April 7 and was later joined by Friktion. According to the announcement, Dialect will launch rewards notifications for Friktion’s Volts to let users balance risk and reward across multi-asset portfolios (mSOL, ETH, BTC, etc.). You can enable Dialect to receive timely updates on your Volt earnings.

Notably, Friktion Labs stole the limelight when the team was awarded the Project Serum prize in October last year to bring innovative investment products. They include Volts, one of Solana’s earliest and largest structured products and a key component of Friktion. With Volts, Friktion provides volatility protection and returns during volatile markets. 

Volts follow cycles, also known as Epochs, that begin and end on Fridays when a new strategy is implemented. Friktion intends to offer four types of Volts, but only two are currently operational. You can learn about Volts and more about Friktion in this article from Abhinav Tewari from Web3 Wire.


What is Friktion?

Friktion is a DeFi portfolio management protocol that runs on the Solana network and is designed to perform across market cycles. It is an asset management tool that automatically allows users to maximize returns while mitigating risks by employing ‘Volts’ strategies. 

The platform provides both active and passive portfolio management strategies. It is essentially an Automated Portfolio Manager (APM) that was created to identify long-term sources of yield and introduce risk management into the ecosystem via options and non-linear products.

Where to find Friktion:

TwitterDapp | Discord

What is Dialect?

According to Dialect’s Gitbook documentation, Dialect is a smart messaging protocol used on the Solana Blockchain for dapp notifications and wallet-to-wallet messaging. Dialect works by adding publish-subscribe (pub-sub) messaging capabilities to on-chain resources or sets of resources. Each pub-sub messaging PDA is referred to as a dialect.

Dialect v0 supports one-to-one messaging between wallets, enabling dapp notifications and user-to-user chat. Dialect will support one-to-many and many-to-many messaging in future versions.

Where to find Dialect?

‍Twitter | Website | Github | Discord

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