DarkVegas Joins the DarkCrypto Ecosystem

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With the announcement of another game in the DarkCrypto ecosystem, the platform expands its reach in the Cronos ecosystem further with gamers.

5th Game in DarkCrypto GameFi ecosystem

DarkCrypto has been growing quickly in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem and just announced its fifth game to present a virtual casino experience with cryptocurrencies.

DarkVegas was introduced into the DarkCrypto ecosystem on March 31 via a Medium post. It is a casino-based game that is playable with cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to play games like Dice, Two Dice, Coin Flip, Baccarat, Diff Dice, Rain, Roll, Sicbo, Black Jack, Poker, etc. Additionally, the platform will offer a wide range of slots with intuitive designs and interesting rules. eDARK is the official circulating currency in DarkVegas and is equivalent to 1/1000th of a DARK token, the native token of the DarkCrypto ecosystem.

“We are interested in creating a bigger, profitable, successful, and enjoyable platform for everyone,” mentioned the Medium. “Therefore, we take the maximum capabilities of blockchain development with an off-chain betting system to provide a number of advantages: scaling of the platform, paltry commission, min bets, and instant transactions.” 


Users can join the weekly top race in DarkVegas to earn lucrative prizes and incentives. There will also be a regular slew of tournaments that will be conducted to increase community engagement within the DarkCrypto ecosystem. Users will need to deposit DARK to own eDARK, which can be used to play games within DarkVegas.

What is DarkCrypto:

DarkCrypto is a DeFi ecosystem on the Cronos chain built around its algorithmic stablecoin, DARK, which is pegged to the price of CRO, the native token of the Cronos network. The protocol offers a solution through which the supply of the DARK stablecoin is allowed to be adjusted deterministically to ensure that the price of the stablecoin moves in the direction of its pegged token, CRO.

Find more about DarkCrypto here:

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