The CronosVerse Releases Details on Their Upcoming Land Sale

By Dardania HavolliNFT

CronoVerse the latest NFT project on Cronos burgeoning network offers users an insight into what it is offering.

CronosVerse Mint Details

CronosVerse has unveiled the details of its hotly-anticipated land sale, revealing what exactly is up for grabs, what the mint price is set at, and how it differs from other forms of participation.

The team took to Ebisu’s Bay on April 2 to highlight what the project offers. With the CronosVerse aiming to be the first metaverse social MMO on the Cronos Chain, they know the importance of enticing users early. 

“Land owners will be able to build structures on their land for their NFT characters, friends, and community members to enjoy. Build using preloaded building materials with absolutely no coding required,” the team explained in their bulletin on Ebisu’s Bay.

Intriguing, the main thing people were looking for, the mint date, is yet to be finalized, but other important details have been ironed out.


What is on Offer?

The project will be readying lands for users to attempt to mint, and they are distinguished in the following manner:

​​Plains Tiles: Allows for the building of rustic style structures (max amalgamation of 16 tiles) 

Suburban Tiles: Allows for suburban-style structures (max amalgamation of 4 tiles) 

Commercial Tiles: Allows for retail, office, entertainment, and other commercial structures (max amalgamation of 4 tiles)

Minting Costs

The team underlined the price each pathway to mint fetches. If you are lucky enough to be a founding member or on the whitelist, there is a discount.

Mint Price

695 CRO (Plain)

895 CRO (Suburban)

1250 CRO (Commercial)

Founding Member Price

670 CRO (Plain)

870 CRO (Suburban)

1225 CRO (Commercial)

Whitelist Price

670 CRO (Plain)

870 CRO (Suburban)

1225 CRO (Commercial)

What is The CronosVerse:

The CronosVerse aims to be the first true metaverse project on the Cronos blockchain. Their goal is to create the ultimate social MMO gaming experience for the entire Cronos community. 

The project offers users the opportunity to participate as either landowners or as everyday civilians of the CronosVerse, known as the “Crovilians.”  Each Crovilian will have their own unique set of traits, identifying their unique role within the CronosVerse society the team has stated.

Where to find The CronoVerse:

Website | Twitter | Discord

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