Orca Launches V0 Governance

By Soumen DattaDeFi

Taking part in V0 Governance will allow you to voice your opinion and play an essential role in shaping Orca DAO’s future.

V0 Governance for the Changing DeFi Ecosystem

Orca announces their Governance as they are looking to become a leading AMM. 

On April 4, Orca made an official announcement through Twitter and a Medium article, announcing that ORCA token holders can now submit proposals on-chain for Orca Governance. By participating in the V0 Governance, you will be able to have your voice heard and be part of the first step towards the Orca DAO of the future.

“Since day one, we’ve committed to building an open platform that is governed by its community. Now that the Orca ecosystem has grown and Whirlpools have launched, we feel that the time is right to launch the first edition of Orca’s governance, which we’re dubbing “v0” — a nod to its nature a prototype.” Orca opens up in the Medium article.


Orca has unique features like simple UX, composability via Whirlpools, and the Impact Fund. However, according to the article from Orca, they cannot provide these value unless it evolves to meet the demands of constantly changing ecosystems. Orca wants to counter this problem through Governance: A decentralized community can be aligned around shared goals through (1) the sharing of ideas and (2) incentive alignment (rewarding the contributors who implement those ideas).

To participate in the governance with your ideas, you can begin by posting them to the Orca Governance Forum, which can be found here. Token holders holding 100,000 ORCA or more can formally propose changes to the ORCA protocol on the V0 site at governance.orca.so. After that, all holders of ORCA tokens will be able to vote during a 7-day period. 

Each ORCA token represents one vote. Once the proposal receives at least 500,000 “yes” votes, it is approved, and the core team will work diligently to implement the changes. 

What is Orca?

Orca is the most accessible place to exchange cryptocurrencies on the Solana blockchain. Building on Solana allows users to trade tokens more cheaply, promptly, and confidently. In addition, the protocol offers users the license to provide liquidity to a trading pool and earn profit from trading fees. 

Learn more about Orca:

Twitter | Website | Discord | Telegram

Source : web3wire.news

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